Mercedes-Benz Kills U.S. Sales of R Class Crossover: Report

2012 Mercedes-Benz R Class

2012 Mercedes-Benz R Class

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When it comes to sales of crossovers in the United States, Mercedes-Benz is doing very well with the M, GL and GLK Class product lines. The problem is that Mercedes-Benz also offers a fourth crossover option with its oddly-styled R Class, and that particular model line isn’t doing so well.  

In 2011, Mercedes-Benz sold just 2,385 of the minivan-shaped crossovers, a decline of nearly 19-percent from 2010. Compared to 2011 sales of the M Class (36,835 units), GL Class (25,139 units) and GLK Class (24,310 units), it became awfully difficult to make a business case for continued R Class sales in the United States.

Dealers here have moved a mere 178 units through February 2012, a decline of over 28-percent from the same period last year, and one more nail in the R Class’ coffin. Now comes word from Motoramic that Mercedes-Benz will kill off the Tuscaloosa, Alabama-built crossover in the U.S. at the end of the 2012 model year.

The R Class may be disappearing from U.S. showrooms soon, but the same isn’t true in foreign markets. In fact, R Class sales are booming in China, and sales in Canada and Mexico are strong enough to warrant production through 2015. Beyond that, an M Class-based replacement is said to be in the cards.
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  1. who said we have no taste?

  2. haha Enzo...

    point is though, the R Class is MASSIVE. But it is also over $200k here in Australia too

  3. just a soccer moms mini-van, i herd about the taxes in Australia it seems to cost less if u build the cars yourself.

  4. yep. and thats goes for the cost of tooling too. buying cars is outrageous here. I am in the final stages of buying a VW Tiguan 155, and i can tell you if i told you the price you would fall over in shock. Its not like we are a third world country with a strggling economy. We are one of if not the strongest economies in the world right now yet we are getting slammed when it comes to buying cars. and dont get me started on the petrol proces. We are now being slugged @ $1.60 a litre and thats for E10. Premium is now up to $1.70 a litre.

  5. the Tiguan is around $24,000 over here. i own a few cars, in New York gas is around $3.99 a gallon premium is around $4.25 a gallon. its not that bad but getting there.

  6. yes well the top of the range SEL you guys have is caled the 155 here. Which is what im getting. But for what you pay for a standard SEL there, you wil be hard pressed to get a deal on a 118 (the 1.4 twin scroll) here !
    so you are paying between 80cents to $1.10 a litre ? still nearly half of what we are getting slugged with

  7. not a math guy but something around their, cost of living is high. hope i talk 2 u again in another article as we both are car guys.

  8. cheers Enzo, speak to you later Mate

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