2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Priced

Ford did a good job of stealing the spotlight from Chevrolet’s ZL1 Camaro at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show by announcing a 650-horsepower Mustang Shelby GT500. As if that wasn’t enough, the automaker further upgraded the car’s transmission, suspension and brakes, making the 2013 Shelby GT500 more track-ready than its predecessors.

In other words, Ford wants to ensure that the 200-mile-per-hour-plus 2013 GT500 is the baddest pony car of all time, right out of the gate.

We now know what the starting price for all that velocity will be: according to Ford’s retail site, the new Shelby GT500 will begin at a reasonable $54,200, excluding destination charge. If you prefer a topless GT500, the price of admission begins at $59,200, also excluding destination charge.

Opt for the SVT Performance Package, which includes a Torsen limited-slip differential, 19-inch forged-aluminum front wheels, 20-inch forged-aluminum rear wheels, Bilstein adjustable dampers, unique rear springs, a unique instrument cluster and an SVT gear shift knob, and the price increases by $3,495.

If you want the Electronics Package, which adds things like voice-guided navigation, HD radio and dual zone climate control, that’s $2,340. The leather-wrapped Recaro seats? Another $1,595.

That puts the price of a well-equipped Shelby GT500 coupe at $62,425, including the required $795 destination charge. A loaded Shelby GT500 convertible will sticker at $5,000 more, coming in at $67,425.

Even in base trim, the GT500 is priced on par with the $54,095 Camaro ZL1, so the question really boils down to this: are you a Ford guy, or a Chevy guy?
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Comments (7)
  1. Holy smokes that's good value! A pity it has come out so late in the current Mustang's model life. I can't wait to see what the next Mustang will bring.

  2. @Damien, I couldn't agree more on the value thing. For a starting price around $55k, you're getting a legitimate, 200 mph coupe.

    I just hope it's better around a racetrack than the current version.

  3. I'll bet my paycheck that dealers will gouge on this car for $30K over msrp just like they did the GT500 when it first hit the showrooms. Anybody expecting to find one at list will be disappointed.

  4. Whom ever has the bucks to buy one of these needs to get rid of the 3.31 gearing and put the 3.75 gears to have a TRUE GT500!

  5. In 69 they had a 3.91 gearg

  6. I bought a 2011 GT500, almost 75% have the SVT package, so your already getting the 3.75 unless your cheap out for the base model, which most people dont when your spending that kind of money anyways...and the dealer sticker was 55k and i got it for 53K out the door because they had a rediculous charge for nitrogen air in the tires that i wouldnt pay for lol....so no 30k markup like someone above mentioned.

  7. @Randall, don't forget that the 2013 GT500 comes packing 650 horsepower. That's likely to increase both demand and dealer markup on the 2013 model.

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