Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Official Images Leak

Here’s what we know for sure: Infiniti is bringing a concept it calls the Emerg-E to next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

It will use a mid-engine layout, and it will be powered by a range-extended electric drivetrain.

As if launching an extended-range electric performance car wasn’t significant enough, Infiniti vice president Andy Palmer says that the car will also be the first to highlight Infiniti’s new styling direction.

While Infiniti had attempted to drip-feed us details and images of the Emerg-E in the lead up to the concept’s Geneva debut, French website Automoto managed to find some patent drawings a few weeks back and now, thanks to Carscoop, the cat has fully been let out of the bag.

It isn’t known if the Emerg-E will be rear-drive or all-wheel-drive, nor are there any guesses on range or power output. Infiniti has also stated that it wants a halo car, and one possible direction would be to build such a statement piece as an electric vehicle. The other route, of course, is to base it on the Nissan GT-R.

We suspect that Infiniti will pencil in some of the details on the Emerg-E at Geneva, but we’d be very surprised if the automaker referred to the car as anything other than a concept. We’ll update you on anything we learn as part of our comprehensive Geneva Motor Show coverage.

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Comments (7)
  1. Like those minimalists twin-air pockets near the now trademark Infinity C-pillars. Design's quite conservative a bit similar to the first Honda/Acura NSX.. it's a mix GT/supercar aspirations. Think it will most certainly do battle with the new-gen NSX Hybrid.

  2. Sorry an electrical whine just doesn't compete with the snarling exhaust from an internal combustion motor.

  3. @KB, I hear you, but it's looking more and more like performance hybrid drivetrains will power the supercars of the future.

  4. Looks gorgeous, and will probably perform beautifully. Build it, Infiniti. I agree that this will surely compete directly with the NSX, and perhaps even some upcoming Tesla and Fisker models. Nice job!

  5. the patent renders and the teasers didn't make the back half look good, but with the actual thing, it looks pretty nice.

  6. @Samuel, I agree with you. I'll bet it will look even better in real life.

  7. I'm sorry, but this car is absolutely too gorgeous to waste with stupid hybrid tech. Seriously, I'd rather have them kill two birds with one stone and put the GT-R tech in it and call it the Emerg-R concept

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