Nissan Juke-R Dukes It Out With Supercars On Dubai Streets

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Calling this a "street race" vitiates the term, but the sort of paved rallycross-like event shows the Nissan Juke-R doing battle with--and beating--a small pack of supercars, free of musical ruination and stuffed full of exhaust notes, screaming tires, and, of course, body roll.

Yes, the Juke-R's tall structure, narrow track, and relatively short wheelbase promote a healthy amount of lean, but the little supermule doesn't flinch a bit from a high-speed powerslide.

It's a silly video about a silly car, but it's our kind of silly. Enjoy.
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Comments (5)
  1. please tell me this was stage.

  2. OMG!

  3. By "narrow wheelbase", do you mean "narrow track"? That would make more sense.

  4. Tom, you caught me, slip o' the keyboard (or brain)--and you're right. Thanks. It's been fixed.

  5. See to believe! I would have never thought a souped out crossover could outperform the best Italian exotics have to offer. I guess if they watch this video they will say "back to the drawing board"...

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