Study Says Young Drivers Want Hybrids, Not V-8s

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2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG burnout

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG burnout

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Are you a 20-something Millennial who would rather drive a hybrid or electric car over any other type of vehicle? If you didn't say yes, then you are in the minority according to a new study.

The USA Today reports that a study performed by Deloitte shows six out of ten Millennials prefer buying a hybrid or electric car over other vehicles. While over half of the study's participants said they would favor gas-electric hybrids over conventional gasoline powered vehicles, a mere two percent said they would consider a pure electric vehicle. The survey included 1,500 Gen Y, X, and Baby Boomers.

With the economy in recovery mode and many young adults struggling to find jobs, it's not shocking to hear many consumers are looking towards vehicles that achieve hybrid-like fuel economy. But will it last? Gen Y just might be the "generation that leads us away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles," according to Vice Chairman and Automotive Leader of Deloitte, Craig Giffi.

While Gen Y consumers feel hybrid technology is now proven and reliable, Giffi says "Gen Y is familiar and comfortable with hybrid technology, but not so much with battery-only technology."

With more than 80 million Gen Y customers in the market today, are hybrids about to become the mainstream future? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Comments (10)
  1. Whats the profitability in consideration? Oh thats right. There isn't any. I would love a supercar. Does that mean Ferrari should build more....doubt it.

  2. what's wrong with our youth today?!

  3. Ok whatever, but aren't those hybrids more expensive to repair? That's hell yes on that one and not to mention they are very dangerous too with all the voltage from the battery packs. Now they are making the V8's to where they save on gas mileage so give me a fast ass supercar anyday than an ugly ass generic looking no go hybrid. I would rather keep the mechanic's life safe then to be responsible for their death by owning a hybrid.

  4. the voltage doesn't kill you, amps do, also the battery technology is a lot better now than it was before, meaning the batteries are a lot safer. The chances you will die by touching a current hybrid's battery now are a lot slimmer.

  5. Riiight - because a leaking fuel tank has NEVER caught fire and killed or maimed anyone...

  6. Why would Deloitte include Baby Boomers in the survey if its supposed to show what young drivers want?! Get rid of the environmentally friendly baby boomers and the results could have been very different.

  7. I don't like this unless hybrids they're thinking about is the BMW i8 cuz that is one sexy hybrid...

  8. What Gen-Y want really are the i-gadgets that come standard.. especially the connection that hooks up with their ipods and/or iphones, they would also prefer the biggest available infotainment screens if possible. Really the engine size don't matter much.

  9. Another comment from the pampered and spoiled generation. Did the same people that received their parent's car as a gift the ones who answered the survey? They probably think that driving golf carts around on city streets would be a cool idea. Unfortunately, the coddled generation lacks the financial savy to answer realistically.

  10. At least y'all had the cahones to name the pitiful source - USA Today. As one-sided & biased a publication as can be....though I do enjoy the sports pages. Gimme a break; I guarantee they didn't tell the whole story and/or purposely tilted the survey to the desired results. The good news? Infiniti M Hybrid is precisely what CAR GUYS want. We aint stupid. Who wouldn't want a 25-30-35-40 mpg sporty vehicle that runs like snot? DUH!! And when hybrid technology gets there, call me. Until then, I'm with Judith. Keeping my C63s hand-built 6.2 liter Mercedes-AMG M157 engine and I'm runnin the hell out of it. Daily. 3.8 0-60. 451 hp/443 lbft. 17-18 city. 21-22 highway. Good enough for me. A closet German DTM race engine. Damn putt-putt hybrids.

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