2014 Maserati Quattroporte Spy Shots

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UPDATE: The 2014 Maserati Quattroporte has been revealed. Click here for all the photos and details.

In just a few short years Maserati’s lineup will spawn two brand new models, a sporty sedan similar in size to the BMW 5-Series and a luxurious SUV previewed by the latest Kubang concept car and based on Jeep Grand Cherokee running gear.

However, the automaker’s current lineup is also due to be updated, with a brand new Quattroporte set to be launched in time for the 2014 model year. We now have new spy shots of a heavily masked prototype for this next-generation Quattroporte.

Much of the cladding on the prototype is used to disguise its true shape, though the latest images show the car has shed its strange Panamera-esque hump at the rear. The latest shots reveal a shape that's more akin to the Jaguar XJ, and is dominated by a wide front-end sitting very low and contrasted by short overhangs at the rear.

Parts of the grille and rear tail-lamps can also be seen for the first time, revealing a design that's very similar to what we saw on last year's Kubang. Note, this particular test vehicle has been fitted with many of the new Quattroporte’s interior components, including what appears to be large infotainment screen positioned at the top of the center console.

In line with previous reports, Maserati is thought to be developing a new rear-wheel drive platform that will spawn the new Quattroporte as well as the smaller sedan, and even the next-generation GranTurismo. According to insider information, the new platform will make extensive use of lightweight aluminum and be capable of implementing a hybrid system Maserati is likely to borrow from Ferrari. Also borrowed from Ferrari will be the FF supercar’s complex all-wheel drive system, which is expected to feature as an option on both the new Quattroporte and smaller sedan.

As for the engine offerings in Maserati's new lineup, Ferrari is expected to remain the official supplier but instead of a sole V-8 there's a report suggesting that a supercharged V-6 as well as a downsized twin-turbocharged V-8 are expected to feature. Ferrari's decision to build more engines for other companies, even if only fellow Fiat Group brands, is part of its overall strategy to grow its business without building more cars and diluting its exclusivity. The plan is said to be one of the wishes of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Look for the new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte to surface around the end of the year, possibly at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show next January, followed by the smaller sedan and new SUV a year later.

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Comments (5)
  1. The next generation Maserati sedans will have two models both based on Chrysler platforms one from the 300 and the other from the shortened Dodge Challenger platform. This is good news for Maserati, which will have a world class, much improved and modified yet proven platform to build upon and better news for Chrysler which will incorporate these improvements into their RWD vehicles. Above all are the cost benefits of spreading developmental costs to more product and enabling Chrysler to take it's two best products and move them upscale further than doing it alone.
    The future of Maserati and Lancia are linked to Chrysler and the co-development synergy of all. If it works we will have great Maseratis, Lancias and Chrysler for generations.

  2. If they base any of these cars on some old Chrysler handed me down from Mercedes bones, these cars will not only flop they will be ensure Maserati will be ruined in the U.S. This is the most sickening prospect of the Chrysler/Fiat tie up. The Chrysler platform is from an E-Class of 2 generations ago, the W210 E-Class. Not even remotely capable of being a competitor in this class. The SUV isn't so critical, the a Quattroporte based on a Chrysler i.e. old E-Class bones? Failure waiting to happen.


  3. MJ The Chrysler 300 is among the best sedans in the world and it's platform is NOT a direct decendant of the Mercedes E class as only the rear suspension was adopted from a Mersedes design. There are some residual pieces in the 2012 300 but Fiat/ Chrysler is purging them asap.The next generation Chrysler/Maserati should be world class.

  4. the Cinqueporte will be the SUV due to its rear door.
    the smaller Sedan im not too sure on the name of. and i cant seem them dropping the Quatroporte name on the halo sedan to use on the smaller one not after doing all they could to establish the name as the pinnacle of the Mazza retail brand

  5. For the editing .... if you look at old photos of mule Maserati Quattroporte is noted that this is much more 'short .... I think it's a mule for the new baby Maserati

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