Eight Cars Crash On The Nurburgring, Including BMW M3 Ring Taxi: Video

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Eight cars, including the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, crash on the Nurburgring

Eight cars, including the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, crash on the Nurburgring

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Updated with video below.

Car crashes on Germany's Nurburgring-Nordschleife are a common occurrence, with the track’s rapidly changing elevations, blind corners, and myriad of bumps consistently proving to unsettle drivers, even those familiar with the ‘Ring.

However, it’s not every day that you hear about an eight car pileup on the Nurburgring, which in fact took place yesterday afternoon and even involved the new BMW M3 Ring Taxi.

According to a local police report, first picked up by Jalopnik and GT Spirit, the accident was caused when a British driver came in too fast into a section called the “Bergwerk” where some construction has been taking place.

Upon slamming his brakes, the British driver went into a slide and crashed into a car in front of him, the report says. His sliding car then proceeded to hit two other cars that were also in the area.

Another three cars then approached but managed to slow down in time. However, the BMW M3 Ring Taxi could not slow down enough and crashed into one of the slowing cars in front of it, which then crashed into the cars in front of it.

Of the eight cars involved in the crash, all but one suffered serious damage. Some of the cars included a Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, BMW 3-Series, and the BMW M3 Ring Taxi.

You can see the secondary crash happen through one of the luckier driver's cameras in the video below, with most of the action taking place around the nine minutes mark.


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  1. Oh Boy.

    If I remember correctly, regular car insurance won't cover stuff like this. Let's hope the British guy has adequate insurance.

    A point of not here is that Brits often struggle on the 'ring because they don't have as much practice at fast driving as Germans do. I've heard of lots of Brits cause accidents on the 'ring.
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    Bad stuff?

  2. In the USA you CAN buy track day insurance. It is rather pricy, but that may be cheap, all things being equal.

    It may not be a bad idea to give out little transponders, like those used at restaurants, to alert when the course is blocked.
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    Bad stuff?


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