Top Gear USA Season 2 Premiere: Reader Review

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Top Gear USA preps for its second season

Top Gear USA preps for its second season

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Last night, I ate some frozen pizza (definitely not delivery...) goofed around on my new Android tablet, drove a few dozen miles in the CTS-V Coupe I have in the driveway and generally forgot completely about the season two premiere of Top Gear USA. In other words, I had fun.

If you found yourself in that other, less fun camp, and ended up seeing the premiere, chime in here and let us and the rest of the MotorAuthority audience know if it's any better than the first season, and if we should interrupt our busy schedule of screwing around and generally not accomplishing much to spend an hour watching it.

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Comments (12)
  1. haven't seen it but if its anything like the first season i think ill keep screwing around with my own cars. or watch jeremy clarkson fool around.

  2. Well, it seems we're two of a growing kind.

  3. it seems so,but what about The Car Show on Speed i herd its a little better guess Top Gear US have some much needed competition.

  4. i watched "the car show" premire and seriusly it was like watching "sports center"... i hated it. i dont think they are going anywhere fast.

  5. i watched "the car show" premire and seriusly it was like watching "sports center"... i hated it. i dont think they are going anywhere fast.

  6. well i just lost all hope.

  7. Agreed. No Top Gear spin off will ever compare to the original UK version.

  8. I don't really want or need the TG USA version to compare or compete with the UK version. But I would like to see them take the basic formula: three guys; the wide world of cars; and an element of fun; and mix it into something original, enjoyable, and American. Whether it's better, worse, or just different, I'm not so much worried about. I just want it to be good.

  9. Saw the first half of the show but had to leave. It looked ok but was a tad boring. They're just trying too hard and it shows.

  10. TG UK is the Star Wars of all car shows. Its extremely difficult to top it. BUT I am open to US version as well. I have not seen it tho, it hasn't reach here. I can't wait to see it and I seriously hope its good.

  11. Im glad the usa has its own top gear that uses real cars we have here, and talk in "dollars" and dont use phrases like boot and bonnet. i watched the first season and it was "scripted" to be gental about it. had to work hard to watch it almost. But i must say, compared to last season i was very very satisfied with the season 2 premire. it was 10 times funnier and they hosts just seamed more compfortable. they are no james, richard and jerimy by any means. but i dare say, a work in progress. i want top gear america to continue and keep making seasons. keep it up fellas

  12. i would say give it a chance. They tried Top Gear Australia, and the first season was woeful beyond repair. They did want you yanks did, they jsut tried to hard to be the UK Lads. they dropped the main guy who was a Clarkson wannabe and that failed miserably. the second reboot was i believe a very very good version of Top Gear Australia with 3 car guys who where also comics and knew about the delivery of a well placed pun. It started of with a UK vs Oz Top Gear special that was highly enjoyable that i suggest you try and get a look at. the fact the TG Oz has now dissapeared may well be that season 254 of TG UK is back on but i fully expect it to re-appear when that season ends.

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