Cadillac Flagship Sedan Gets The Green Light: Report

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Reports of a flagship in the works at Cadillac date back several years, with everything from a large sedan to even a mid-engine sports car being suggested as possibilities for the new range-topper. With news recently breaking that GM is developing a new rear-wheel drive platform for large cars, a full-size sedan designed to take on the likes of the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class makes the most sense, and reportedly that is exactly what Cadillac is planning.

Automotive News (subscription required), citing inside sources, reports that Cadillac has given the green light for a large flagship sedan. The decision is said to be part of the automaker’s plan to offer a direct competitor in each of the key segments that its rivals compete in.

We’ve already seen this with the new ATS, which takes on rivals like the BMW 3-Series, Lexus IS and Mercedes-Benz C Class at the lower end of the luxury market, and by late next year a new CTS, one matching the size of intended rivals like BMW 5-Series, Lexus GS and Mercedes-Benz E Class, will arrive.

Finally, in 2015, the new Cadillac flagship sedan will arrive, giving Cadillac a much-needed competitor in the full-size luxury sedan segment. The new model, which will ride on a rear-wheel drive platform dubbed Omega, will spearhead Cadillac’s expansion in China as well as help boost the brand's sales, but more importantly its image, in established markets.

Unveiled last year, the well-received Ciel concept could provide clues as to how the new model will be styled.

The XTS, the current flagship sedan in Caddy’s lineup, was always a stopgap solution, developed quickly using components from existing models like the Buick LaCrosse. It’s unclear if the car will make it into a second-generation. If it does live on, expect it to be targeted primarily at the livery end of town and older buyers accustomed to comfy cruisers.

Beyond the new flagship sedan, Cadillac has several other important model launches in the pipeline. These include coupe and convertible versions of the ATS in 2014, along with a hybrid option on the XTS around the same time. Next year however will see the new CTS launched, as well as a new Escalade SUV and ELR extended range electric car.
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Comments (11)
  1. you mean that GM have finallyrealised that they can utilise the Holden Caprice and make a car that will appeal to the US market ?? no way !!!
    GMs stubborness and blindness to utilise Holdens expertise in large family and upermarket cars (Commodore, Calais, Caprice) is mind boggling and in a way almost borders on xenophobic in their belife that it can only be an American car they sell. this blindness will be the undoing of the marque yet again as double paying for the same thing will replicate was had gone on before with the badge sharing excercise

  2. calm yourself buddy. i don't think that gm has any plans to go under just yet. they seem to have learned from their mistakes. i'm glad this got the green light - the cts was the only non-suv offering from caddy for a while now that's been updated recently so it seems. this ought to change that

  3. From what I just read the CTS and XTS will co exist as both front and rear wheel drive platforms, while the CTS will downsize using a revised platform from the GTO designed in Australia and the XTS will be the lead car using a lighten yet big car platform revised also created in Australia currently used as police platforms and cabs? Am I missing something? Caddy has done an outstanding job with the CTS current platform no doubt so I see no reason to believe they can continue to impress with both platforms going forward!

  4. «Lexus IS and Mercedes-Benz S Class at the lower end of the luxury market» .... i think you mean C Class not S Class

  5. Thanks Ahmed. You're absolutely correct. It should be C Class. It's not corrected.

  6. finally i bind hoping for this for awhile, to compete with the S-Class and 7-Series wont be easy but i see Cadillac doing the right things with its current models so i have little dough.

  7. doubts*

  8. Finally...
    Lincoln: Take note!

  9. GM is spending up to see its products done right and so far it appears to be working. Ford has been reluctant to develop any new platforms for Lincoln and it may end up hurting them in the future.

  10. Love all the new ATS, and from the spy shots the new CTS looks promising. This sedan should be a big hitter if ends up like the Ciel. Love how they all have a strong American look. No need to copy someone else.

  11. Wow - I hope it gets an interior just like that concept.

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