1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda For Sale: $3,200,000

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In the muscle car world, the Plymouth Hemi Cuda is a by-word for the Holy Grail, hen's teeth, or free beer. In other words, it's elusive and highly sought after. But if you're in the market for one, look no further: there's a pristine example up for sale, and all you need is the $3,200,000 asking price.

Yes, you read that right. This 1970 Hemi Cuda, with just 17,729 miles on the clock, will set you back the price of roughly 1.5 limited-edition Bugatti Veyrons. What makes this car so special? It was rare when it was built, and it has a storied history in Trans-Am racing at the hands of legends like Dan Gurney and Swede Savage--though not this particular example, of course.

What really makes this car special is that it's the first E-body Hemi Cuda, build by hand at Chrysler's Claire Point, Michigan facility. It was a prototype never intended for sale, but it eventually found its way into private hands.

If you have the cash, and already have your own private island, hit the link below to see the auction site.

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Comments (4)
  1. As the very fortunate owner of an original 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a four speed I'm not surprised at all at the selling price. Although not as storied as this Cuda and not a HEMI, I still get offers all the time in the $50,000 range for my E body Dodge.
    Funny how it took 40 years for people to recognize how special these MoPars were and are as they now are truly the most valued of all muscle cars. I just will never part with my piece of history, at any price.

  2. It's really not that serious, folks. People are cry'in about this messed up economy, but won't even think twice about buy'in and owning something, this useless!!

  3. You sound a little jealous that you couldn't afford to buy this car without a thought. I wouldn't pay this much money for a car but I understand the collectability of it and why someone would.

    Man, and those gauges are so sweet.

  4. if i had the requisite 3.2mil of disposable cash there is still no way i would buy this car. A Veyron woudl be my first purchase and the any number of other collectables from the same era. and i woudl then have enough cash to build a special garage to house them all. pricing the car at this amount is proof possitive that there are most definitely more people out there with more dollars than sense !

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