Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Focus RS Wagon Test Mule

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The current Ford Focus RS is a beastly little hatch, piping 305 horsepower through its front wheels, slinging pointy bits at you from every angle, and, of course, not being available for purchase here in the U.S.--and that's before you even consider the RS500. It looks like the next-gen car could add to the mix with a hybrid all-wheel drive system--and, according to these spy shots, possibly a wagon, shown testing alongside its five-door hatchback sibling.

Though the wagon is not fully decked out in RS gear, it does feature RS seats and a wide central exhaust outlet like the hatch it was spotted with.

A Focus RS Wagon? Well, it would be known as the Turnier in some parts. As the long-roof model in the Focus stable, we're more familiar with the wagon name. Either way, we doubt we'll see it in America. Why? Because Americans don't like wagons, for whatever reason, and even more so because of the price: it should sit around the $40,000 mark, which is beyond the pale for most of us when it comes to a tarted-up Ford.

If the next RS does go all-wheel drive and hybrid, though, our green-eyed monster is likely to rage even more fiercely: a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine plus an electric motor could still top 300 horsepower, deliver fuel economy in the mid- or upper-30 mpg range, and offer the same or similar performance to the current RS.

We're still looking at about a two-year wait until we see the next Focus RS, in hatch, wagon, or any other body style, however. The cars spotted here are development mules for testing near and on the Nurburgring.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ford, AWD please! FWD sucks!

  2. RS4x4, not technically true, the Mazdaspeed3 and last gen Focus RS were great cars without awd. Anyways, I wish we could get this, I am a fan of performance wagons, which are pretty much not sold in the states, there have been only a few examples sold in the States in the last few years. But at $40,000 it is too much money for a Ford, so oh well, least we get the ST in hatch form.

  3. They should use the front "ST" with the Aston Martin look-a-like front treatment with this new RS just to give it more cred.

  4. As an Evo IX owner who watches all the FWD cars struggling to get moving in the snow, I find it funny that Ford still thinks FWD is game.
    Since this market pretty much modifies the car right off the bat, FWD in the US is still a big failure label just like a Wagon would be in this market.
    You basically have two cars. The one people want, and the one people settle for. People want the EVO/STI, but settle for the MS3,SVT Focus,SRT-4,etc.
    Basically the only thing the FWD cars have going for them is that they are cheap until you decide to achieve real performance at which point it's cheaper to go for the AWD car. FWD doesn't scale once you add horsepower, the wheels just spin and torque steer ruining the fun of the car. Not to mention push in the corners and understeer.
    So I'll say it again. Those who are serious already own an STI/EVO, and those who aren't serious, will *settle* for FWD.
    I just put down 380 at the wheels from my 100% stock 2.0 liter motor and turbo. I bought an exhaust for $450, Tactrix cable for $100, and a fuel pump for $70. Besides the fact that my stock motor is good for over 450hp at the wheels, my car has *traction* with this new found power.
    With FWD adding horsepower without beefy poor handling drag tires, only increases 60-100+ acceleration times due to wheel spin down low. AWD cars increase 0-100+ acceleration times and scale properly with power.
    Ford the answer is obvious here.....

  5. AcidTonic, unless you have ever gone up against the European Focus RS I would not brag to much

  6. NoNameDenton, I'm a fan of the Ford RS cars and I drive a European Focus RS (305 hp) and I love it except in winter, rain and so on (really poor traction and grip in bad weather also poor starts against AWD cars).
    Also the Ford's modern winning WRCars are all-wheel drive (AWD)!!! FWD isn't the best way for the RS badge!
    My next car will be an AWD sport car, I hope it will be the new 2013 Focus RS AWD.
    AcidTonic is right, amen!!

  7. no offence boys but you may run 450 bhp but you lose soo much through the tranmission, i've got a Focus RS and well i must admit off the line AWD cars get a head start i just reel them in once i'm going, and from the comment you left acidtonic you've clearly not driven an RS as they hardly torque steer and there some running up to 500 bhp through the front wheels that'd eat most cars sooo it all well and good talking bout something you;ve never actualy seen or driven, yer my RS isn't amazing in the snow or wet but all i need is a set of winter tires for the winter and its fine again. Do americans even get ST's and RS' ?

  8. i own an RS and most scooby, evo owners etc say that the car is rubbish because it has FWD where as there cars have AWD, i have driven Scoobys etc and i must say they RS is better in the corners and at high speed. stop talking about what you have experianced with old fast fords the current RS is great.

  9. An RS wagon i dont think so, they probably used the rs recaro seats as that test wagon is on a track and those seats are more suited for it. Also there is no central exhaust on that wagon just a cut out section in the rear bumper, you can clearly see it has a small exhaust to the right

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