800-HP 2012 Ford Shelby Super Snake: New York Auto Show Preview

The Shelby GT500 already makes plenty of power, but for those who subscribe to the "too much is not enough" philosophy of life, a Super Snake post-title package is on the way--and it will boost horsepower to 800. That's not a typo.

On sale May 1, the car will include a Ford Racing handling pack (dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and a front strut tower brace), an optional Shelby/Eibach handling pack, a 6-speed manual transmission with a short-throw shifter, a 3.73 rear-axle ratio, a Borla exhaust, 20-inch Alcoa wheels, Shelby/Baer brakes with 6-piston calipers and cross-drilled rotors, front-brake cooling ducts, side scoops aft of the passenger doors, a unique fiberglass hood, unique stripes and badging, unique trim, and an optional two-tone leather interior.

The car will make 750 horsepower in base trim and up to 800 with options--all on pump gas. We'll have to wait until the show to see what the new car looks like, but the 2011 model above should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Pricing wasn't announced, but the 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake--which will be street legal in all 50 states--will cost less than $100,000.

Sounds like a deal to us.

[Mustangs Daily]

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Comments (7)
  1. Same horsepower as the upcoming Bugatti sedan and at a cheaper price. Joking aside, this sounds awesome, my hope though is that is gets similar suspension tuning from the Boss 302 so it handles better.

  2. Yeah I like what Ford and Shelby are doing with the Mustangs, but the one thing that has always annoyed me about Mustangs are that they suck at handling. If they change that, I might consider getting one. The Camaro has individual suspension, and when Ford was asked why don't they give the Mustang individual suspension they replied because it would add roughly $3,000 to $5,000 to the price. That's the sound of a car built to a budget. If I'm buying a car I want to know it was built to be the best it could be.

  3. Too be fair Ricky, Ford has done a great job to make the Mustang handle well even with the live rear axle. But with the claim by Ford, turns out they could have done IRS cheaply, by about $50 over the live rear axle.

  4. When you look at the side view of the car, you notice that the center of weight (gravity)is displaced to the front of the car, which may cause the rear end of the car to oversteer when taking on curves. Americans need to stop making cars with an eye in the quarter mile only. There is more to fun driving than that.

  5. @Ricky with all due respect to your opinion Ford has already tried IRS in the 2004 SVT Cobra and they found that running a live rear end suited the mustang better in regards to there design change of the forthcoming year model and handling. @ Burke the current mustang GT handles and brakes almost as well as current BMW M3 so its not that far off. IMO the average highway speeder may not beable to tell the difference.

  6. @phil12321 haha I'd have to disagree with your statement about the Mustang GT handling like the M3. I drove the new Mustang GT while on vacation in Florida, and I have to say from my experience it doesn't come close to the M3. The latest M3 that I've driven was a 2009 and the Mustang GT didn't handle close to that at all. I can only imagine that they've made the M3 even better since then.

  7. Engine and transmission on the front is just too much weight to the front and hard to balance. That may be OK for a stock car, but not for an 800hp high performance car. Italian manufacturers solved this problem in the fifties by sending the transmission to the back of the car...

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