Ford Establishes Crack Team To Fix Lincoln

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2011 Lincoln MKS

2011 Lincoln MKS

Ford is the first to admit that its upmarket Lincoln brand is in need of direction, seeing it languish as a lower tier luxury brand for the past several years despite its Detroit rival, Cadillac, being able to turn things around considerably during the same period. We’ve seen some potential with cars like the MKS though at the same time we’ve seen some major mistakes--Lincoln MKT anyone?

We’ve also reported several times in the past about Lincoln launching seven new models by 2014, with compact cars and crossovers to be included. But to really shake things up Ford is also established a crack team of 85 staff to work on fixing the American luxury brand.

Speaking with Automotive News, Lincoln spokesman Christian Bokich revealed that the new team will focus exclusively on Lincoln, with the brand’s marketing, engineering, product development and dealer issues the top priority. Previously, he explained, staff had to work on all three Ford, Mercury and Lincoln brands, spreading talents very thinly.

Half the team has allegedly been recruited from rival luxury brands, namely, Audi and Cadillac, and most are positioned at Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Cadillac, especially, is a brand whose performance Lincoln would like to emulate. Last year Cadillac sold 146,925 vehicles, nearly double the 85,828 vehicles sold by Lincoln.

The team's arsenal will include a new $100 million advertising budget, as well as several redesigned models in the near future including a compact crossover and new hatchback. More details should be revealed at the Lincoln National Dealer Council meeting on April 18 so stay tuned for an update. 

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Comments (12)
  1. Frankly Lincoln needs some compelling product, not gussied up Fords, which is what the current lineup is. A car or cars that command attention in the manner that the Continental and Marks did in the 60's. A serious, distinctive and modern large sedan to replace the Town Car might be a start.

  2. I have full confidence in Ford to do just what they say they're going to do with Lincoln. The MKS is already an awesome vehicle. The MKX is also really nice. It'll only get better from here. After all, this is a legendary brand we're talkin' about with loads of heritige, quality, luxury and technolgy and comfort. I for one am very excited and look forward to witnessing the future of Lincoln. I think it's gonna be very special.

  3. Something, anything RWD would be a start!

  4. RIP Lincoln is poor profit. Lincoln was original ultra luxury past. if Lincoln will phase out near future since Packard and Studebaker are gone now. it like cheap Chrysler.

  5. A hatchback? Lincoln needs that like they needed their Blackwood pickup. How about focusing on something in the large sedan or sporty coupe segments that Mercedes, BMW, hell, even Cadillac, kick their butts with every year?

  6. Need towncar replacement with traditional 4 door with trunk like lexus, bmw etc

  7. just change that ugly front end.
    we don't need another acura type design experience

  8. io that grille looks nothing like Acura, that one is pretty nice. On another note, saying Lincoln needs direction is the biggest understatement of the year so far, how about a rwd car based on the MKR concept? That would be great.

  9. How about first giving up that goofy, forgettable letters nomenclature that Lincoln vehicles use?

  10. Ronald that is not just a Lincoln thing, BMW has horrible naming, Cadillac's is also kinda stupid, pretty much no luxury company at that level does good naming. More expensive luxury like Lambo, Ferarri, Bentley and such do, but lower then that is it all either letters or numbers that make no sense.

  11. How about ford look into its global stables and pull some rabbits out of their collective hats. The complete Falcon Range (F Range) that is produced with distinction in Australia woudl be a good start. It formed the basis of the Mustang and is arguably one of the finest driving big sedans on the road especially when matted to the 6speed ZF transmission. FPV is the performance arm and they im sure coudl find a way to make the models more luxurious as oposed to the rockets they currently make. Seriously i jsut dont understand the logic behind not taking the Falcon on especially as it is a large 4 door sedan that is perfect as a replacement for the Town Car. Heck the majority of Taxi's in Australia are Falcon's and they jsut keep on going !

  12. I'll add to Wizardslore's comment by saying the upcoming new Territory suv wouldn't look out place in their lineup, especially with the addition of the deisel engine.

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