Report: Volkswagen Bulli To Enter Production As Scion xB Competitor

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It's just over a week since its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but already the Volkswagen Bulli microbus concept has reportedly received the green light for production. According to the report, it will be built in Mexico and sold in the U.S., aimed at the likes of the Scion xB.

The small, retro, boxy van could be a hit with the younger market that seeks out the xB, Nissan Cube, Kia Soul, and other similar small-yet-capacious vehicles with a bit of funk to their look. That's certainly the hope at VW right now, anyway.

There is some flexibility in the concept's platform as well, with wheelbase, track width, and attendant interior space variable to meet individual market needs. That could spell a slightly enlarged Bulli for the U.S., though at this point, there's nothing on paper, much less in stone.

Should the Bulli actually make production, we wouldn't expect to see it before the 2013 model year.

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  1. An all electric van is just what so many of us have been waiting for someone to wake up and manufacture. Now how about producing a version in which everything except the basic excellent vehicle is an optional extra. Include even the warantee. Electric cars shouldn't need a warantee. Of course reduct the price by the appropriate amount. Next, cover the roof with solar panels. One should get about an extra 25km per day in the sun. And don't go for planned obsolescence. We are fed up with cars, that in order to buy spare parts, you have to know in which 6 month period the car was built. Keep the faith and the whole world will be driving bulli's.

  2. Change the white to gold and you get this car looking like it belongs to Iron Man! Very interesting design and definitely something to look forward to. Well done again, VW!

  3. I would buy it, contemprary looks...great !

  4. Good idea, I am pretty sure all those ex-hippies are looking for a new ride

  5. It would look like an Iron Man Bulli! I cannot see Tony Stark in it, but it would be cool to see it in Iron Man 3.
    On more serious note, I think this would be a good addition to the market because at least it is reminiscent of the hippie VW Bulli microbus. Scions are gross

  6. Personally, i am dissapointed. When i heeard that there was going to be a 2011 "VW hippie bus" i got so excited. when i saw the picture, i almost cried. This has no relation to the 1950-1970's bus. if VW is going to bring the bus back, do it right.

  7. I like the looks, but I'm skeptical of the range claims. It also needs a split rear bench so those of us with kids can still hve some cargo space.

  8. I would buy it in a hart beat

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