Phillies Pitcher J.C. Romero's Porsche Panamera Stolen

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2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo

2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo

So you've spent over a decade the big leagues, you're a reliever for the Phillies, and you arrived at spring training camp in a $190,000 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo. Life is good, right? It is until your car gets stolen from a local shop.

Unfortunately for J.C. Romero, that's exactly what happened. It was in for service at Bert Smith Porsche in St. Petersburg when it mysteriously vanished last night.

Romero won't be feeling the pinch too badly, though, as he's scheduled to make $1.35 million this season, and has already banked $19 million over his career.

If you're in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and you see a blue Panamera Turbo where it shouldn't be, you might want to notify the authorities.

[NBC Sports, WSTP]

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Comments (4)
  1. Poor guy!
    Although it is a awfully ugly car and he should have got a Maserati Quattroporte GTS I hope he gets it back soon!
    ....and dream car?
    You need to get an eye check. It looks like a whale after its been dealt with by the Japanese!

  2. Spyker - i too thought that, until i sat in one and then took it for a test drive. The car feels sooooo much smaller and literally shrinks around you as you drive it. It is unbelievably assured on the straight roads and around corners and is far far nicer than the Mazza (of which i have also test driven).
    the back could have been a little cleaner but the next Gen will adress that, just dont let your prejudices get in the way of missing out on such a wonderful machine

  3. Wizardslore - I agree with you in the poin that it doesnt feel like the sized car it (I'm lucky enough to work for a Luxury car dealer) abd MY GOD is it fast. But I just found it rather...bland is too harsh! But it wasnt nearly the same fun as the GTS, which just feels special and WOW that engine (the noise is certainly one of my favourites!). I see why you like it...I dont know I was just left a bit cold by it.

  4. in regardsto the engine note. While the Mazza has a wonderful tune i have always found Italian V8s to sound way too tinny, somewhat manufactured compared to the big German v8s (Audi RS's / Merc AMGs) or even the Aston/Jag v8's. take another listen to the note of the engine and you will notice it too. if offered for free i would take it of course, but given the choice as an everyday driver i would take the Porsche every day.
    But as is with anything, its all about personal taste, and even being Italian decent myself i would still sway towards Ferry's Beast more so than the Italian Stallion.

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