Video: Saab Touts Heritage, Leaves Out GM Era (Almost) Entirely

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Vintage Saab windtunnel testing

Vintage Saab windtunnel testing

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UPDATE: As several intrepid (and sharp-eyed) readers have pointed out, there is a quarter-second shot of a GM-era convertible around the 16-second mark. Good catch. As for the 9-5, it was designed during the GM era, true, but it's being sold entirely under the Spyker-owned Saab umbrella. Point being: there's a big chunk of Saab's history not present in the video, even with those bits thrown in.

Whether you love the new 9-5 or can't be bothered, it's the linchpin in Saab's current and near-futureĀ  success. This promo spot ties the 9-5 in with the company's storied history, including its motorsports heritage. But it leaves one whole segment out.

That segment is the GM-owned bit, of course. We understand why Saab might want to distance itself from the most recent, yet most unfortunate stint in the company's product line, particularly when pushing a new car under new ownership with an eye toward a new perception in the marketplace. But it is a bit of a glaring omission.

Also, though most of the clips in the video are hit-and-run, there are some nice slices of classic Saab rally action in there, so stay sharp.

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  1. saying they left out the entire GM segment is inaccurate. The NG900 / OG 9-3 convertible featured in quick snipps are built on the european vaxhaul (General Motors) cavalier platform.. One of the worst platforms to put a high performance saab on, was designed completely under GM supervision with the bean counters forcing compromises at every step.

  2. Your GM comment is not correct. At second 16 in the video clip features a 900 Turbo convertible....A GM design!

  3. Saab under GM was a surprisingly good car however Volvo under Ford was better. Good thing both US companies were thinking big and saved two storied names!

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