Remember All Those New Lotuses? Only The Esprit Is Real

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Just a few weeks ago, Lotus loosed a crew of portly, modern, and Chapman-defying models on the world at the Paris auto show. But it turns out only the Esprit is real--at least for the time being.

According to Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, who admits he's "not a car guy," only the new Esprit is actually under development. Why? Just developing the one car is requiring the full force of Lotus' resources. But it's not due for release until 2013.

So what about all those other Lotuses? The Elan, Elise, Eterne, City Car, and Elite? They're nice ideas of possible future directions for Lotus, but at this rate, their 2013-2105 release dates seem rather optimistic. And with the current Elise done for production as of 2011, where does that leave the company for the intervening two years?

But there may yet be reason for optimism, if of a different sort: if Lotus is focusing solely on the new Esprit, which even in its heyday wasn't really one of the "speed through lightness" examples of Lotus crafstmanship, then it isn't mucking about, destroying the rest of the Lotus legacy with a bunch of over-featured, overweight, and overpriced cars.

That, at least, is a relief.


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  1. I've posted this eslewhere, and it does concerns me, in regard to Lotus and their recent multi-debut of fantastic concepts, according to the article that just appeared in on 10/28/10, it claims that the Esprit is the only one fully in development - now I do know that mules have been spotted in the past on the anticipated Esprit, but I'm hoping that all of the Lotus's presented in Paris get the green light, especially the two front-engined models, the Elite and the 4-door-coupe counterpart; I want to see those come into being, as well as a new-generation Esprit. If I'm reading and getting this right, where it states, "Lotus insiders have told Autocar that the firm is focusing “fully” on the new Esprit at this stage, which is set to be the first of the new Lotuses launched in 2013.", this appears to indicate that the production Esprit will be the first of the group to hit showrooms and streets, and the others will follow suit, that what I'm hoping.
    I don't like to be negative, but, I hope they don't tease us, or pull back. Other reports, even within Autocar did have an interview with the CEO and did state what is planned and how Lotus will pull it all off, getting those models to fruition.

  2. I have it on good authority that Danny Bahar is a nob

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