Lincoln Promises 7 New Vehicles by 2014

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2011 Lincoln MKX

2011 Lincoln MKX

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Now that Ford's shorn of Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Volvo--and now that it's closing Mercury--Lincoln will get seven new vehicles in the next four years in a major new investment in product and in a more distinct identity for the Ford luxury brand.

At the press launch for the 2011 MKZ Hybrid and the 2011 MKX this week in Washington, D.C., Lincoln executives repeated the mantra that Lincoln is moving in the direction of smaller, less ostentation premium luxury vehicles. While the latest generation of Lincolns has been visually distinct from Ford-brand cousins, those differences are expected to multiply as its cars and crossovers are replaced or revamped over the next four years.

What will those new Lincolns be? Model by model, the future Lincoln lineup is shaping up as follows:

Town Car: The black-car stalwart likely will be dead after Ford closes its Canadian assembly factory late next year, with no clear replacement for the livery market in sight.

Navigator: The brand's big seven-passenger SUV probably will live on. A heavily revised version of the current sport-ute could bow in 2013 or 2014. Aside from styling updates, the new Navigator and Navigator L are expected to adopt new V-8 engines that arrive this year in the 2011 F-150.

MKX: New this year, the five-passenger crossover (above) is the first of the seven new vehicles scheduled. It isn't due for a major overhaul in the next four years.

MKZ: The mechanical twin to the Ford Fusion adds a Hybrid model this year. A complete redo is planned for the 2013 model year. It's to be based on a common platform with the Ford Fusion and Mondeo, but with much more differentiation.

MKT: Due for a facelift in 2013, the big seven-passenger cousin of the Ford Flex probably will add the sophisticated MyLincoln Touch infotainment system before this update. Ford's denied reports the MKT would be discontinued after its current model cycle.

MKS: New in 2009, the large Lincoln four-door sedan likely will get MyLincoln Touch system in 2012 along with a slight refresh.

Two more new or revamped cars in the product plan have been hinted at prior auto shows. They could include:

Premium small car: The logical next step in the Lincoln portfolio is a compact vehicle in the Lexus IS/Cadillac ATS class. A four-door sedan would fit in the Lincoln lineup, but the 2009 Lincoln Concept C suggests Lincoln execs are considering a hatchback body style.

Premium small crossover: With mid-size and large crossovers handled, Lincoln could also spin off a new compact crossover to compete with the Audi Q5 and Cadillac SRX. Ford's planning a new Escape based on the European Kuga crossover, and it's likely a hybrid version will be in the product plan.

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Comments (8)
  1. Just do enough with the sheetmetal so they look much different then their Ford cousins, give them brand exclusive engines and boost the quality of the interior, and maybe it can be an Audi competitor.

  2. Can anybody interpret what Matt Frawley was attempting to say? Anybody at all? Un-freaking-beleivable!

  3. Sadly, this is really all in vain. Lincoln is doomed to the Mercury slot and then finally will end completely.
    The limousine/livery business is being given up, the only business Lincoln owned hands down. Mercury was killed now so that stand alone LM dealers would struggle and close or join Ford dealers. No matter how you differentiate a Lincoln from Ford product, which are great, they won't sell at a Ford dealership.
    Once all the standalone Linc dealers are gone, then watch the Lincoln product start to dry up.
    Really, would you go to a VW dealer for an Audi/Porsche? Or go to a Toyota dealer for a Lexus?

  4. Yeah Paul. Maybe Matt was drinking and keyboarding!

  5. Mullaly is probably one of the best "leader" in the industry. He is very good in reorganizing industrial competitiveness. However, in my opinion, he does not completely catch what makes a "luxury brand". It's not only the fact to get a popular car platform and to add a bunch of gadget to it. No , it's far more complex. It's first the "historical nobles of the brand" but it's also top of the notch characteristics at every level: frame, engine, handling, top quality material and distinctive attributes. He doesn't seem to head that way (or probably he would not have sold a brand like Volvo).

  6. As much as a luxury hybrid coupe is being requested continuously, I dont understand why it wont be built. It could be a RWD based on the mustang or MKZ platform.

  7. I'm disappointed that the MKX is done getting updated because a hybrid would be great to compete with the RX450h, but maybe they'll still do it soon!

  8. Wild coments about Lincoln. I sell them every day and the change on the MKX was awsome and Can't get enough of them to sell. Lincoln has the potential to Rock the market if they redesign and load them up like the MKX. Taking a look at Audi, Lexus, BMW and all the others, i can say that Lincoln wont drain your wallet when you want to own one or when you need to have them serviced.When i look at the competetors i start to wonder what a person is getting for the price and should really start doing comparisons. I have noticed the competetors are having trouble now Selling Value so they just drop there pants to make a sale.

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