Video: Angelina Jolie Delivers A (Car) Smashing Performance In SALT

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Angelina Jolie in SALT

Angelina Jolie in SALT

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We haven't seen much of Angelina Jolie lately. Between all the globe-trotting and the dieting and the bowchickawowow with her equally stunning common-law husband, she's had a lot on her plate. However, Ms. Jolie is about to make a return to the big screen, and once again she's playing a spy. A very hot, very talented, very deadly spy. Who carries guns. Would you like to see her in action? Of course you would.

Here's a clip of Angie baby putting a crimp in the plans of New York's Finest, who are trying to put her in the pokey in for something conspiracy theory-ish. We'll say this: girlfriend knows how to work a crowded SUV. Then again, we've seen her breeze through Mickey D's in a Chevy Suburban full of war orphans, so this doesn't really come as a surprise.

[MTV via John, Eric]

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  1. I think Jolie is the SUPERWOMEN in world that ”US” females need to look up to,not her fame but her intelligence to the world and what happens around in it,she broadens her horizon and has a great care in this world for children.
    To me she is the President the one that takes on a challenge head on,and strives for the success in her life.
    You are a role model to females,you show how to be independent,how to be driven no matter what the outcome.
    Im rating her NO.1 women of the World.

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