A Vintage Ford Bronco? Benicio Del Toro Just Got A Little Less Creepy.

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Benicio del Toro

Benicio del Toro

All cards on the table: Benicio del Toro kinda creeps us out.

It's not entirely his fault. Hell, the guy's been given some creepy roles over the years. Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel unnerve us for the same reason. James Woods? Looking at you, too.

On the other hand, del Toro probably wouldn't have been handed those roles if he had a more...conventional appearance. Because -- can we be honest here? -- the guy's an acquired taste. We're not going to get all rude about it since we're sure some of you find him hot, but like the Western World's fascination with Jimmy Smits, we just don't see it.

For those like us, who think that BdT is kind of like Keith-Richards-in-training, we have some good news: dude drives a Ford Bronco, as you can see at the link below. Not one of those dinky Bronco IIs, but a badass, full-on Bronco -- the kind your skeezy uncle used to own, bragging about the number of conquests he had on the dog bed in the back. Which, now that we think about it, might make del Toro skeezy by association.... Tell you what: forget that bit about your uncle, if you can. (This is what therapy is for, folks.)


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Comments (2)
  1. Dude, he could wear a trashbag and be sexy..

  2. Benicio Del Toro....is a very talented,creative,passionate man...and is attractive....Naturally...he is 6'2..has a head full of hair...green eyes,a nice smile, has a nice voice with a spanish accent...that whole bad boy/latin lover thing working for him...that's just him...a few things that we (females) like....alot!!...he has a academy award for a great performance...along with a host of other awards....and makes a considerable amount of money per film....and the fact that he chooses to drive a older model car....shows that he not materialistic, pretentious or insecure about his manhood....his wallet is big and he doesn't have to prove it to anyone....unlike most men....he is who he is....and he drives what he drives....more men should be that secure within themselves.....that makes Benicio even more beautiful....PS...there is a video for the Campari calendar 2011...the Red Affair in Milan...where he is being photographed on the way in....there is not a man in Hollywood now....who looks that good!!.....He is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!......

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