2010 Beijing Auto Show: BMW Concept Gran Coupe

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Destined to be one of the most dramatic vehicle unveilings at this week’s 2010 Beijing Auto Show, the all-new 2010 BMW Concept Gran Coupe has been revealed, finally confirming BMW’s intention to enter the burgeoning four-door coupe market.

The new concept shows the classic features of all BMW coupes, and stretching the entire length of the vehicle, therefore measuring almost 16 feet, flowing lines dominate the design, giving rise to high aerodynamic levels, just as the vehicle’s low center of gravity reflects an agile driving response.

The sporty, flat silhouette provides an impressive body height of just under 4.6 feet. This makes the BMW Concept Gran Coupe up to 3 inches flatter than the 5 Series. Additionally, the frameless doors give the concept a modern character since the glass surfaces appear to merge seamlessly without being interrupted by columns, as does the LED detailing all ‘round.

Like the striking Concept CS of 2007, the Concept Gran Coupe symbolizes the future design trends of BMW but it goes a step further. Although strictly a concept, with rival four-door coupes like the Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide and upcoming Audi A7, and who can forget the car that started it all, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW would be the odd one out if the Concept Gran Coupe isn’t approved for production. It’s safe to say a new BMW four-door coupe will be cruising into showrooms in the very near future. Much of the concept's styling is also expected to flow onto the upcoming 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe and Convertible.

Also making its debut today in Beijing is the Chinese-only 2011 BMW 5-Series Long-Wheelbase model.


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Comments (11)
  1. @ sumvision cyclone,
    What are you talking about? The article has nothing to do with the 3 series or M Roadster, nor were either mentioned. Sounds like you pulled your facts out of thin air. If you actually read anything concerning BMW's take on the 4DC, you'd realize that it would be based on the 6-series and will probably end up with a designation to reflect that. At first this was suppose to be placed above the 7-series until the economic crash and they had to rethink their strategy. Now it'll share a platform with the 5-series, like the 6 series does.

  2. @archknight,
    That's because he's not interested in commenting, he's just another leach who posts so they can link their username to a site selling stuff. Pretty much every moron with a linked username is doing that around here.

  3. Thanks for the clarification SS89, I thought I'd missed pieces of the article when I read his comment.

  4. Ugh! Can BMW stop playing games and just call it the "8 Series" already?! lol

  5. @big boss: i don't think this qualifies as an 8 series. the 8 was a 2 door.
    This is a really good design, i love it. a great progression of BMW's current visual language

  6. this should be badged a 6 series and a half. =]

  7. Best and almost progressive BMW I'ved seen in a very long time. It has presence and the stance of a good looking uber-saloon car.

  8. not a big fan, looks like a low slung 5 series,, the boot is regular saloon instead of coupe-like....uninspired design

  9. This really is a great car, it looks fantastic, BMW

  10. A man was sitting besides a lady in the plane when he started to sneeze irritably. The lady was trying to endure it but when the man seems unperturbed, she nudged him and says " Mr., don't you have etiquette? You’ve been sneezing and can't even say excuse me"

  11. This car looks so cool! I do love the way that BMW makes coupes.

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