Video: Schumacher Revealed As Pilot Of Tube-Running 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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F1 legend Michael Schumacher's return to the sport has made waves, especially the switch to Mercedes-Benz from his long-running stint with Ferrari on- and off-track. Now Mercedes-Benz is leveraging his massive star power in a revised version its 2010 SLS AMG commercial, featuring a full 360-degree tunnel flip.

Brilliantly orchestrated and fantastically entertaining, the video shows the SLS AMG taking to a hillside tunnel, modified with launch and landing ramps, and driving a full corkscrew across the walls and ceiling before smoothly landing. Even though it's almost certainly a computer-generated stunt, it's no less impressive.

Schumacher appears to have been added to the segment after the fact, visible only after stopping the car and removing his helmet. Whatever the case, and as marketing-driven as it may be, it's still worth a watch as you get ready for the 2010 F1 season.

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Comments (5)
  1. dammit i was really hoping this stunt was real.

  2. Top Gear did something like this... Not quite with the SLS AMG, but if Jeremy Clarkson can do the trick i'm sure Michael Schumacher could probably do it as well. I dont think Mercedes wanted to take on the chance of killing off their returning star F1 driver for this year so it had to be CGI. Sorry Razer... I would have liked to have seen the real thing as well.

  3. We may still get to see someone ( crazy enough ) and actually do this stunt w/out any CGI involved.
    Could be anytime soon but I bet it will just suddenly pop-out of youtube, question is what car will it be..
    The TG version with Jeremy doing a carflip certainly can't be confirmed as a complete one but nice try - ( very short clip: )

  4. Not quite the same thing, but a loop-the-loop has already been done in real life. It was on Fifth gear a while back:
    Pretty cool.

  5. Yeah, sure. Next you're going to tell me that there is a Land Rover-branded cell phone. Yeah. Also, there are such things a little green men and little gnomes that steal my underwear.
    I call bullshit. Everybody knows that Ray is the stig.

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