Report: Chevrolet El Camino Still Possible, Says GM President Reuss

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The Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, as weird as it may have looked to some eyes, raised a lot of pulses when it was prepped for U.S. sale, but then it dashed those hopes when it was canceled last January. Today, a report says GM North America president Mark Reuss thinks the Holden Ute may yet make American sale, this time as a Chevrolet El Camino.

The plan is far from settled at this point, but it's under discussion within GM, according to the report. Pontiac's death means GMC would be the only other potential outlet for such a vehicle in the four-brand GM portfolio, though Reuss named Chevrolet as a possibility. While GMC looks to be making a shift from its trucks-only model lineup with the GMC Granite Concept, the El Camino brand still has a lot of value with the Ute's potential market.

The plan for the vehicle appears to be the same as it was under Pontiac. Setting the Ute up for U.S. sale included the addition of side-aribags and a direct-injection V-6 version was also discussed. The standard V-8 version was expected to start around $30,000 in Pontiac guise.

Plans for a Chevy-badged Ute also dovetail nicely with another report out today: that of the "four-door Corvette." If Chevrolet is already looking at bringing a version of the Commodore (the car the Ute is based on) to the U.S., it would make sense that it would be the home to the El Camino as well.

It's also hard to overlook Reuss's former role as head of Holden as an influencing factor in all of these Aussie-import rumors. His intimate knowledge of the Commodore line, and the technological advances now possible--the DI 3.6-liter engine, for one, and weight reduction for another--Reuss says the Ute makes even more sense now than it did at Pontiac.


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Comments (6)
  1. This thing could replace Chevy and GMC's small trucks.

  2. I'd like to see a step-side version.

  3. FAO Nelson - why dont you post a picture of the HSV Maloo and its specs to guage some reaction. Im sure that the power hungry yanks who read about it would fall over themselves trying to buy one. it is garish and extreme and pointless at the same time, but my god its a hoot to drive...

  4. Marketing it as anything but an El Camino would be a mistake. I'm glad it didn't make it as a Pontiac. No one will remember what a "G8 ST" is, but everybody knows what an El Camino is! Hopefully they'll give it a moe "Chevy" face, maybe inspired by the 1970 Chevelle based Elky (probably the most memorable iteration of that car).
    And yes, WizardsLore, we power hungry yanks would love the HSV Maloo. Conspicuous consumption and pointless performance "utility vehicles" are about as American as you can get. Too bad only the Aussies get such wonders of extravagance like the Maloo, and even better, the FPV Falcons and utes, with their colossal torque producing inline sixes!

  5. I prefer Japanese sports cars to muscle cars but if they bring a muscle truck like the El Camino to market, I'll be among the first 5 buyers!

  6. Please Please bring it back to the U S. I have been waiting for yrs. I will place the fist order. Just let me know when .......

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