Ferrari California Crashed On The Streets Of Sofia, Bulgaria

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Whether it's Luca di Montezemolo driving the Ferrari California and two F1 drivers into a gravel trap or hooligans on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, there's no denying the car has had a rough couple of days. This video shows what happens when tail-out fun goes too far.

It's no secret that a whole lot of the fun of driving a high-horsepower rear-wheel-drive car is the joy of sliding it around corners at speed. But that fun is best left to tracks and other closed environments, lest you end up as this poor California driver did on the streets of Sofia.

The audio is almost more sickening than the (admittedly shaky and grainy) video; the sound of the impact speaks not just of tens of thousands of dollars in damage, but of broken sculptures and crushed dreams. Melodramatic? Maybe. But watch for yourself, and see if you don't cringe too.

If you're a glutton for punishment, you can watch a driver take a Bugatti Veyron straight into a Texas Lagoon afterward.

[Wrecked Exotics]

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Comments (7)
  1. such a waste watching that beauty crash, those car parts better have insurance or some greedy mechanic will just take advantage and change it with mass produced car parts.

  2. Video is terrible. Not even worth watching.

  3. Clearly the driver in the Ferrari was in the wrong here, visibly you can see he was showing-off in the public.. and then misjudged the turn by going in the other lane ( which is a double lane! ).
    A case of being too over-confident with the car's abilities but not the driving skill I think.. ego-tripping.

  4. cleary a young stupid driver,who borrowed his dad's car.

  5. hahah he got scared of the porsche that's why he crashed.

  6. Do you know that car insurances are valid in all Europe except in Bulgaria (For cars outside Bulgaria, and these Ferrari's are from Switzerland)
    e.g. If you are from France or whatever... and if you go there in Bulgaria and steals someone your car, then the insurance company won't give a new car to you.

  7. boring video

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