Arash Working On 1,200-Horsepower Bugatti Veyron Rival

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Arash AF-10 prototype

Arash AF-10 prototype

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The story behind Arash is a colorful one. The company was founded by Arash Farboud, the son of a medical supplies merchant who decided to start his own supercar company in 2004 after a refusal by Porsche to sell him an ultra-rare GT1 road car.

However, it was not as simple as that. His first sports car company was Farboud Sports Cars, which was sold in 2007 and rebranded Farbio Sports Cars. After the sale, the young entrepreneur started his second project, Arash Cars, whose first model will be the Corvette-powered AF10 supercar, which we reported on yesterday.

After the AF10, Arash plans to launch a new supercharged model called the AF10S and beyond that Arash will build a cheaper model called the AF8.

However, the most exciting spot in Arash’s future has got to be a new supercar to rival the Bugatti Veyron. The new model will share the AF10’s carbon fiber chassis but it will feature a unique twin-supercharged 7.2-liter V-8 with titanium connecting rods and forged pistons.

Peak output will stand at 1,200 horsepower and somewhere between 900 and 1,000 pound-feet of torque. Drive will be sent to the rear wheels via the same 6-speed sequential gearbox as found in the Zonda F, with paddle shifters behind the wheel. Top speed is an estimated 250 mph.


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Comments (12)
  1. He sold his first supercar company because the other option was bankruptcy. Also the new owners had to virtually re-engineer what they had bought before they could sell the finished product. I would'nt touch this tub of bolts with a ten foot barge pole!!!!!!

  2. horsepower isnt what competes with the bugatti, anyone can make a 1000hp engine, its the awesome engineering of the bugatti the way the engine is soo refined.. not juts a drag car engine in it and the fact that the bugatti maintains incredible luxury and can still go incredibly fast. thats what the supercar companies need to do to really rival with the bugatti... and i dont think any of the companies thats claim to be rivals have done...

  3. More power to you if you if can beat Bugatti.
    Wow look at that Bugatti, theirs actually looks like a fun supercar rather than a fat heavy P.O.S.

  4. That car looks like it will to titty twisters around the Veyron.

  5. Agree with Patrick. Not everyone can make a 1000hp engine. Also, Bugatti could only do it with 4 turbochargers, 2 intercoolers, and 16 cylinders. I am actually surprised a car with that much boost and that many cylinders can ONLY achieve 1001hp.
    The Ultimate Aero TT could do it with a V8 twin turbo and this one only has a twin-supercarged V8.
    If you want to talk about refined, the later 2 cars are more refined. It is not easy to squeeze 1200hp out of 8 cylinders. Give these guys credit for proving forced induction is better than pure cylinder power.
    It's time to stop backing Bugatti and open your minds to new creators. Bugatti made one decent car and sold off 10's of limited editions. It's time for a replacement.

  6. Yeah who ever designed the Veyron must have been going blind because it is one of the ugliest car out there. This car actually looks sleek, agile, and fast.

  7. To Ron above, the bugatti actually makes about 3000hp, it makes 1001hp to the wheels. Even though it is pretty sad that it loses 66% of the power when it reaches the wheels, but people purchasing the Bugatti wont care of the performance. Most of the people purchasing the Bugatti is for exclusivity and to flaunt their wealth.

  8. like i said before. this car is an ugly rip off of enzo. it shows no creativity. veyron is ugly too but at least it is not stealing from other brand's design.

  9. looks sleek, but not special at all. Basically a Ferrari with 911 fog light....

  10. I didn't see anywhere in the story that they were trying to win a beauty contest. This car is about the engine so judge on that. Personally I like the body design. Almost all cars on the market except for concepts share body qualities from other vehicles.

  11. @Ron
    Consider that each row of four cylinders row has turbo because of the W16 configution with is different from a normal V engine. The reason that quad-turbo W16 generates less power than it should is mainly for reliability but it got its potential from torque. Don't forget Bugatti is designed to repeat its performance for 10-20 years.
    In case of SSC Ultimate Aero, biggest problem is the stress on pistons because of excessive power and torque reducing its lifespan (1187 hp and 1283 in 2009 version). It is only street legal in US and Dubai, not elsewhere where it would have to be register as kitcar.

  12. What a supersede car has been develop by the Bugatti. The features and looks of the car is sterling and ravishing the horse power of the car 12hp it is really unprecedented work has been done by the Bugatti to develop this veyron car. I really appreciate the work of the Bugatti company to develop this car.

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