Video: New Footage Of Bugatti Veyron Crashing Into Lake

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With only 15 examples in the country, and 300 being produced in total, it’s safe to say the Bugatti Veyron is one of the rarest cars on the planet. So it pains us to see this video of one example that ended up in a saltwater lake in Texas.

What makes it worse is that the driver of the vehicle left the engine running and the door wide open after exiting the vehicle. The engine reportedly ran for 15 minutes in its submerged state before finally drowning.

Apparently the driver of the $1 million supercar was distracted by a low-flying pelican before hitting a patch of mud and crashing into the lake.

You can still see the previous video of the car being extracted from the muddy water by clicking here.


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Comments (15)
  1. Nice colour too! This makes me sad :o(

  2. Wrong title, it should be : Someone crashed an other Veyron.
    Cars dont wreck themselves. And there are no such things as "accidents". 97% drivers fault.

  3. Another twat with more money than brains. These things have close on 1100 hp you just dont drive them like your average Honda. To quote one of my customers "super owners are rarely supercar drivers"

  4. He was probably busy sticking a banana up his ass and reading the children's section in the Macy's monthly catalog... the sick bastard.

  5. Denny- I had a pretty shitty day today and your post really make me laugh, Thanks.....

  6. Look a million door Super car ert yacht - sigh a completely wasted car that should have been put into someone's capable hands .... Well at least the fish can lay their eggs in the company of greatness too. Yummy

  7. What a tosser !!
    And video has now been removed ny user :((

  8. Tool.

  9. Here's the video of the actual crash.
    The individual driving the car owns a exotic car salvage and repair business...can you spell insurance scam...I can...

  10. I would say so as I'm not really seeing the low flying Pelican

  11. Was it insured? I hope so. I think it only costs $8,000 per year to insure a Bugatti.

  12. I love the gentleman's remarks in the car taking the footage of the wreck. "that will someday be mine", "Yeah I think it's a lambo dude" Really ....

  13. Priceless display of being an idiot

  14. Just saw this on the news... good on the pelican if there was any.. what a sad excuse.

  15. I don't care much about the "it's a Lambo" comment... I think it is infinitely much more interesting that he got the whole incident in video. I'm sure the driver of the Veyron is having a very hard time trying to convince the insurance company that he didn't fall asleep while driving a gazillion dollar car.

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