Video: Buick Design Director Explains the 2011 Regal

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The 2011 Buick Regal just hit the web yesterday, but its been expected for several months now. Whatever you might think of the re-branded Opel Insignia, it's interesting to see what Buick thinks of the car, and what it plans for the car's place within the brand.

Though Buick's sole province was once the cynically-named "50-to-dead" market, it's now pushing for a younger, more aspirational audience. To do that, it's trying to inject more excitement into its design and into the performance of the cars themselves. The 2011 Buick Regal is the next step in that campaign, according to Dave Lyon, Buick's Executive Director Global Design.

This video takes us on a detailed walkaround of the 2011 Regal's exterior, and goes into close detail on many of the car's elements. Along the way, Lyon explains how the car will help Buick form its younger, fresher image.

As informed and mobile citizens of the web, what do you think? Is this the ticket that Buick needs to get back into the metaphorical ballgame? Or is it just another classic case of GM's rebadging? Something in between? Let us know in the comments below.


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Comments (10)
  1. The Mercury Milan redux should have turned out this nicely...
    ...instead we got a Baleen whale with an extremely bad facelift.

  2. hahahaha "baleen whale" that one had me laughing hard man. Good one.

  3. I agree the car is very well done, but why did it take GM over 10 years, (and discovery of their European talent) to duplicate what others have been doing? A late 90's Passat has the sweeping roof line and the attention to fine surface detail.

  4. I love it but it looks a lot like the current BMW 5-Series.

  5. although i'm glad buick has ascended from their lacrosse days of eye-rolling blanditude, i still think that this new regal looks like a last generation car. before even hitting american roads it already needs a fresh facelift. i wish buick all the best nonetheless

  6. It defines the term Regal! It punches a whole in the atmosphere and delivers those aboard through space and time! Nice work!

  7. I really don't understand how Buick can ruin such a nice looking car such as Opel Insignia. It should have been left as is and it would be even nicer if the Opel badge was left on the car.

  8. Quite nice, I look forward to seeing it in metal. It will be interesting to see how well it drives and if the interior materials and the feeling of the controls impart a feeling of quality or are they the same old GM bits prettified.
    Pepe: to answer your question, if you ask 100 people in the US what they think of the new Opel, 98 will ask what an Opel is.

  9. It's not surprising that this car looks the way it does, given GM has Opel product to sell here. The key will be how it's tuned for the road and marketed to the buyer. I think it can be priced near the LaCrosse (and above the Malibu) if it's targeted to the driver while the LaCrosse is focused on the driver's friends, that is, a car that coddles passengers. I imagine a Buick Regal ad where it rushes past a Mazda 6, with the words "mooZ mooZ" in the rear view mirror.

  10. Ugly. Why would buy this old mans car? Fugly and built with cheap pbr cans. Buick a joke.
    GM a world class dolt.

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