Spy Shots: 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Facelift

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The Volkswagen Tiguan has only been in production for a little under three years but a facelift for the compact SUV is planned. The changes are designed to bring the styling of the Tiguan in line with the rest of Volkswagen family. Other models that have already recieved the same corporate styling treatment include the 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton flagship sedan and the 2011 VolkswagenTouareg SUV.

The changes to the Tiguan will be mainly cosmetic, with a redesigned front grille and new bumpers, plus a more pedestrian-friendly shaped bonnet. As the spy shots reveal, the rear of the Tiguan will remain mostly unchanged although there could be some minor revisions to the lights.

The powertrain lineup will also likely be revitalized, with a range of more fuel-efficient engines introduced in-line with more stringent fuel economy and emissions regulations. A hybrid variant may also be introduced, though its release wouldn’t be for several years still and possibly not until the launch of the second-generation of the model.

Expect to see the facelifted Tiguan arrive in showrooms early next year as a 2011 model, with a world debut pegged for October's 2010 Paris Auto Show.

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Comments (32)
  1. Could we get the 2 liter diesel instead of the hybrid?

  2. VW should save the facelift money and instead spend it on adding a locking fuel filler door to the Tiguan, like most other VWs have. Also, I agree. Instead of the hybrid just, make the TDI clean diesel or the Twincharger gas engine available in the Tiguan. To add to the wish list, replace that standard pleather with ballistic cloth material, make the TDI clean diesel available in the Golf, Passat, Eos, and Beetle, make a twin turbo clean diesel available in the Touareg and Routan, and make 4 motion available to anyone who wants it.

  3. What we really sorely need is a 2.0 TDI all wheel drive with stick shift, then will be talking

  4. Down here in Oz, VW sell the 2.0 TDI in virtually every model in the range, and you can match it with either the auto or manual wherever you want to...

  5. How about the Tiguan TDI for the USA?

  6. We need the TDI Tiguan, if Vw is to succeed in North America it needs to listen to it's customer base. With a diesel this vehicle will dominate it's class. Without a diesel it will simply be another choice amoung many. Volkswagen Do the right thing, bring the TDI

  7. I really disliked that old VW design language, and this new one is really starting to grow on me... as a matter of fact, I used to see the Tiguan as a rather unfortunate design (and name), but that new nose is quite good.

  8. What do we have to do to get someone hihg enough up the chain enough to listen? WE NEED THE DIESEL IN THE US! I've been ready to buy, and may have to shop elsewhere if the Subaru Outback (or forrester) 2.0D gets here first.
    I drive +120 miles a day, don't haul a lot of people, but I want the 4,400lb towing capacity europe currently enjoys. The fact that it gets about 40mpg highway only sweetens the deal.

  9. It will sell like crazy if you add the TDI - the front end is fine. I happen to like the front better than the other vw's, arghh!!!

  10. Diesel please, Hybrid, no thanks.

  11. I'm with all of you. VW is making a big mistake if it does not have TDIs across the board. The US is ready for good vehicles.

  12. Still a shame VW hasn't put the TDI in the Tiguan. Such high hopes when they first announced this vehicle, and a major disappointment.
    The other thing I hope they fix for 2011 is to put a sliding rear seat. The Tiguan failed the 'Baby Seat Test' miserably, which is why we now own a (boring to drive) Rav4-Appliance.

  13. Hey TSOL,
    The tiguan has a sliding rear seat, it's had one since it's first release.
    BRING TDI Tiguan to Canada!!!!

  14. To everyone lauding the 2.0 TDI please note that in Australia we have this. However after test driving and checking the services, the TDI is slower, more expensive to service, just not as much fun to drive (as TSI) and uses only slightly less fuel.
    Nothing added up for me as the only thing i though had going for it was the torque. In the end, just wasn't worth it.

  15. I will be in the showroom, check in hard whent he Tiguan TDI comes....

  16. Enough said - the TDI engine is the perfect power plant for 4-motion Tiguan. I'm waiting too, and like others said,, if Subaru gets here first, VW loses a sale

  17. How reliable is the 2.0 TSI engine? How long has that engine been around?

  18. I wonder if VW's marketing depart looks at websites life this. Not only would the Tiguan TDI be a winner, the CC and EOS would also do well.

  19. I'm looking forward to the 2011 model. Hopefully I'll be able to get a Tigy in a manual transmission with more options than are presently offered. In Canada, it seems I'm the only one who actually likes to drive a manual transmission. If I can find one, the only upgrade that I can get presently is heated seats. WTF? I say to VW: People who like to drive stick would like to see a few more options offered.

  20. Please give me the TDI. I'm ready. Have a good down payment. Tired of the US is not ready for diesel yet. If VWw has the guts I HAVE THE MONEY. Hear that Ford Kuga, Honda CRV, Mazda CX-7 and the rest of you. First come first bought!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have throughly enjoyed my 2006 Jetta TDI for the past 5 years. I am ready to purchase a Tiguan TDI this weekend, if VW would offer this model in the US. I'm going on a week trip to Europe next month. Maybe I should look into scheduling a test drive while I'm on vacation. I wonder how much cross-Atlantic vehicle shipping rates are running these days...

  22. I saw the TIGUAN Diesel in the Dominican Republic with the Blue Metallic Paint and man was it sweet, I gather the VW's non responsive to the needs of the public. If it is the same 2 liter diesel thats on the Jettas and Golf then, why not bring it or just add as an extra for those who want it. I drove the TSI wow it was nice but gas mileage sucks and then what i plan for it is to climb the mountains down here In Puerto Rico I DONT NEED a TURBO gas engine I need a DIESEL TORQUE. VW get your head out of your ARSE and listen to us the public. If others come then they will be bought hence, marketing 101, who ever has it sells it faster than you!! VW

  23. While they are at it, they should ditch the goofy name that was voted for in a magazine

  24. Hi Richard VW will be offering the comfortline model (adds roof, touch screen radio, 17" mags...) for 2011 with the manual 6 speed transmission. What part of Canada are you form?
    Mr D. - FYI The fuel filler cap locks together with the doors.

  25. YO! WTF! MY FIRST CAR WAS A VW BUG. I own a 2010 jetta TDI and I love the ballz on the diesel AND HANDLES AWESOME. I put 4k miles on it the first week when i bought it. Love the bluetooth on it as well. I own a 2007 sequoia and look forward to trade that in for a tiguan TDI because the Toureg is too big for my wife and too much money. My kids are becoming of driving age and they don't want nothing to do with the big folks and are looking for their own vehicles. Now the thing with a hybrid vehicle is that when those nickel cads batteries cant hold a charge anymore after 100k miles or so, what the dealer doesn't tell you is that YOU GOTTA PAY EXTRA TO DISPOSE OF THE OLD BATTERIES, YOU DON'T GET MONEY FOR THEM LIKE YOU DO WHEN YOU TURN IN LEAD ACID/CAR BATTERIES. thta's because they have to separate the metals and refuse them to make then catalitic again. NOW WHERE IS THE COST DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU DRIVE A TDI IS THAT WHEN THAT HYBRID NEEDS TO COME IN FOR A MAJOR REPAIR....YOU CAN KEEP DRIVING BY IN THE TDI. I PLAN TO KEEP MY VW jetta tdi for a really long time maybe 15 to 20 years like the germans do. if mazda or subaru beat vw in bringing over a clean diesel cuv, then they will win the war. Good Luck!!

  26. I'm in Australia, and we test drove the diesel. I wanted to like it, but it was noticeably noiser than the petrol models. What would be good for Australia is Track and Field, like they have in South Africa for example. We've ordered the 147TSI, and asked for a 2011 build - when it will be superseded by the new model, we don't know.

  27. Just offer the 2.0 TDI. Not everyone needs to go from 1 to 60 in 5 seconds flat. We need fuel efficient, nice looking cars. Even a quattro with a 2.0 TDI the torque is there. The comments that America is not ready for diesel is crazy. Run an ad with a beat - pop rules this country. Wondering if VW reads posts or listens to consumers...

  28. I am returing an Touareg on lease in the fall, own a 2009 Jetta TDI. Bought a used 2002 Beetle TDI to keep miles of the leased Touareg (140,000 miles and runs like a champ put 15k on it) I have a 3000 pound pop up camper. I need a Tigan TDI. Will need to replace Toareg by April 2011Would love to be a Tigan TDI (Period)!!!! Or going elsewhere....

  29. Hey AlphaTango, the Tiguan fuel filler door is not remote release like in other VWs or even in a cheap Toyota Yaris. It is the same fake phony press the door crap that GM has been giving customers in vehicles like the Chevy Malibu. To me, this is unacceptable at the $28,000+ price point at which this vehicle is sold!

  30. What is VW's problem? When I first saw the Tiguan pre-introduction, I said, "If they have a diesel, I want it." Now, three years later, they still don't offer it in the US? This is why I moved on to BMW, which is already selling diesel variants of its Five Series - a much bigger leap of faith than VW ever chooses. Lame.

  31. I own a 2003 Jetta TDI and a 2009 Jetta TDI. We will not buy anything but TDI engine vehicles. I will not buy an SUV until they can get one that gets 39MPG. What the heck is VW's problem? You deliver a $39,995 SUV/ crossover to USA market that gets 40MPG or better and you are #1 sales in SUV market liekly by 2 times volume anyone else when word of the MPG gets around. You knwo the Big 3 are chomping at the bit to apply the hybird technologies of teh Volt to a $45k SUV and get that high profit segmetn back on fire.

  32. I suspect the reluctance to offer viable diesel options, is based on economics, ie. the government incentives $$$ that encourage the companies to develop the hybrid technologies. No matter how clean, efficient, or desired by the consumer, as long as governments are throwing (away) wads of cash at development of the lame duck technology (gas electric hybrid)we aren't going to see a diesel Tiguan, (or Honda, Toyota, Subaru or any other small CUV equivalent)here in Canada or USA.
    Whatever the driving force is (blind momentum powered by wasted tax dollars) that keeps north american manufacturers heading down this wrong-headed pathway, consumers are stuck with "gems" like the Ford Escape Hybrid for $40,000+ or $60,000+ behemoth trucks and SUVs

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