Report: DeLorean Motor Company Could Revive Pontiac's Solstice

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2011 DeLorean Solstice mockup

2011 DeLorean Solstice mockup

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Fans of the Pontiac Solstice, get ready to cast aside your mourning garments, as the sporty little roadster/coupe could yet live on under the auspices of the DeLorean Motor Company. The news carries a sort of karmic feel, as DeLorean itself succumbed to the pressures of the industry and economy in 1982 only to be revived by businessman Stephen Wynne.

Made world-famous by the DMC-12, a gullwing-doored, stainless-steel bodied rear-engined coupe that played a central role in the hit Back to the Future movie series, DeLorean Motor Company in its reborn form is primarily a curator of the existing fleet of DMC-12s, and the spare parts that remain.

According to Jalopnik, the plan to build the Pontiac Solstice was actually born of John Z. DeLorean's own experiences. "JZD always said that the best memories of his automotive career were at Pontiac, and that connection between JZD and Pontiac is probably one of the better known associations among car enthusiasts," said DMC vice president James Espey.

The photo above is a mock-up of what a DeLorean-built Solstice might look like, including a version of the turbocharged GXP Coupe. The company has a GXP Coupe at its facilities for testing and evaluation, presumably to see how any DeLorean-specific modifications to the design might be made.


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Comments (10)
  1. When will we learn, when you bury your dead dog in Pet Cemetery, it will come back, evil.

  2. Wonder how JZD has paid off the miscellaneous fees and legal troubles in the last decade, and still manage to have money to keep DMC running, so much so he can even start making cars again!?

  3. thats good i guess
    altho i always the saturn sky looked better

  4. Going to use Michael J Fox and Christopher Llyod as spokesman and do a new Back to the Future movie as well?

  5. Que horror a gullwing Solstice?

  6. @IGT, John DeLorean does not own DMC in its current guise--the owner bought the rights to it. As far as I know, JZD has no involvement in the current company.

  7. Oh yeah, and DeLorean died in 2005.

  8. If the Soltice had been a very good, rather than only a decent car, then this news might be exciting. The Soltice and its twin died too soon but they're not worth resurrecting.

  9. Saw a DMC-12 in a museum the other day - and judging by the capabilities of the company they'd do a pretty good job of a revived Solstice.

  10. Too bad they'd rather revive the Solstice instead of the superior and better styled Sky.

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