Video: MINI Flips Us The Bird In Freaky Third 'Untamed' Preview

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2009 Mini Coupe Concept

2009 Mini Coupe Concept

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The upcoming MINI Coupe and Roadster concepts may be the worst-kept secrets of the 2009 Frankfurt auto show, but they're no less interesting for their familiarity. The first video missive from the MINI Coupe/Roadster camp had us scratching our heads and the second had us looking over our shoulder, but the third one, well, it's just rude. Not that that's a bad thing.

Abstract, arty and undeniably weird, the first ad featured a woman - apparently - applying makeup in a full-length mirror. And that's about it, aside from a surprise or two. The second video featured the same two women speaking in eerie unison, freaking out, and attacking the viewer with a baseball bat. The third ups the ante with the creepy twin sisters breaking out in flashy swimwear, body paint and, in the case of the rowdier sister--presumably the roadster in this extended analogy--a pair of upturned middle fingers.

Again, there are no cars in the clip, despite it clearly being a teaser for their upcoming Frankfurt reveal. Whatever the rhyme or reason behind the oddball advertisement series, however, we continue to find it fascinating and provocative.

Watch it for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


MINI Coupe/Roadster "Untamed" Teaser No. 3

MINI Coupe/Roadster "Untamed" Teaser No. 2

MINI Coupe/Roadster "Untamed" Teaser No. 1

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Comments (6)
  1. The roof still looks like a bad toupee...

  2. This for $35K... I've said it before and I'll say it again: the only good thing about cars like this (too expensive for what they are - and I'm looking your way BMW 1 series) is that they make it easier to tell the tools among us: they're driving them.

  3. Not a bad car, but those ads are really kinda weird for my tastes

  4. All 3 ads are brilliant! Each successive ad rachets up the energy. Creative attention-grabbing ads that demonstrate how boring and tame American advertising is compared to Europe.

  5. I agree with LapOne. I didn't like the ads at first but then I realized how much I'd rather have something like this shown on my tv than one from an American company.

  6. I will honestly be embarassed to own a MINI if these commercials continue.
    I can see it now: MINI - great for hookers and angry severe women.

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