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McLaren MP4-12C

The 12C also sports an advanced suspension management system called Proactive Chassis Control, which is said to offer the comfort of an executive sedan but with unseen levels of roll control and grip.

The suspension is based on double wishbones with coil springs. The dampers are interconnected hydraulically and provide adaptive responses depending on both road conditions and driver preference.

The Proactive system features adjustable roll control which replaces the standard mechanical anti-roll bars. There are three suspension modes that are selected on the Active Dynamics Panel. There is a 'normal', a 'sport' mode and a high performance mode which adjusts numerous parameters in the system.

Another feature that helps the 12C to handle at a new level is a development of an electronic system used by McLaren's 1997 MP4/12 Formula 1 car--Brake Steer. In essence, it is a system that brakes the inside rear wheel when the car is entering a corner too quickly to make the desired radius. Under normal circumstances the front would wash away wide of the apex the driver wants to touch: in other words, the car is in a state of understeer.

Brake Steer manages the tendency of a car to wash out and brings its nose back on line. It assesses the steering angle to determine the driver's intended course and applies the inside rear brake to increase yaw rate and resume the desired course.

The system also works on acceleration out of a corner when the inside rear has a tendency to spin, allowing the driver to put power down more quickly. It controls what a limited slip differential would do and obviates the need for such a complex and heavy unit, thus saving more valuable kilos.

Inside, the 12C comes with plenty of luxury including the world’s first Meridian car stereo, an advanced steering wheel, plus a full quota of airbags, fully automatic dual zone climate control, sophisticated telematics and audio systems, parking sensors, trip computer, cruise control and electric memory seats.


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Comments (12)
  1. Not bad but boring....interior looks like 458....the comment=.=(What the hell with the exhaust pipes!!!)

  2. BOOORING! Looks like R8 and 458, and that combination is boring

  3. Dejavu ,nothing special back to the drawing board,Gallardo,R8 what are they doing....SAVE IT!!

  4. Its a perfect evolution of the f1??? except for the baby poo brown and the exhaust i love it and i bet it will be hell fast aswell!!!!

  5. Its easier to win if you beat the best of the pack then release the entry level super car. But It should do fine thanks to the previous f1.

  6. i don't know what you guys are talking about - this car looks fantastic. it's a shapely sports car with aggressive styling, a unique rear (guarantee that mclaren doesn't care that you don't like the position of the exhaust), and an incredible engine.

  7. Much prettier than the Ferrari 458 and the Audi R8 - I like that it's not the obvious choice.

  8. Wow. Is it possible for a car this expensive to be a bargain? Sounds like it will absolutely smash everything else in it's class based on the specs. I wonder what the weight is?

  9. Let's just say the styling's a bit subtle.. or safe even, awesome inside tech tough. I hope the Macca F1's replacement won't copy this car's looks and be more desirably styled.

  10. In my opinion, this is no poster car... It's not mean enough! A car needs to look like its either gonna kill you, or it's a work of art.
    That being said, the spec of this car is outragous, and certain aspects of the car will set the benchmark for cars to come...
    ...But like the F1... its FOOKIN' UGLY!

  11. Looks like the love child of a Gallardo and the new Italia.

  12. I love this car, still you don't know much about it until it's on top gear!

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