Pontiac Lives On With ‘Phoenix’ Camaro Trans Am Conversion

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Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

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There are many behind-the-scenes players in the automotive industry that few on the outside ever hear of, despite their huge contributions. One such company is Trans Am Depot, who together with designer Kevin Morgan plans to launch a new Pontiac Trans Am conversion for the latest.

Labeled the ‘Phoenix’ Trans Am, and inspired by the original Camaro-based Trans Ams from 1977 and 1978, the new design has been in development for the past three years and will be previewed for the first time in concept form at the 2009 Trans Am Nationals.

Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

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The concept will be followed by the first production conversion later this year. It will vary from the concept car but will be an exact version of the conversion kits that are expected to go on sale this fall.

The kits will be available as an installed conversion only, with order details and pricing expected to be revealed closer to launch. Some of the basic specs will include a suspension lowering kit and new sway bar, 20-inch wheel and tires, a new ‘shaker’ hood, fender vents, custom bumpers and of course a Trans Am graphic package.

Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

Phoenix Trans Am Camaro conversion kit

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Believe it or not but this is not the first Trans Am conversion kit currently in development for the new Camaro. Earlier this year, ASC Creative Services has also unveiled its own modern interpretation of the legendary muscle car, which you can read about in our previous story by clicking here.


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Comments (10)
  1. This is incredible!!!

  2. Ugh, let Pontiac go already. I remember the late '70s and they do not justify any revisiting, including this retro auto homage. What next, an Aztek kit for the new Chevy Equinox? Please say goodbye and let's move on.

  3. Some things are meant to be left alone and/or be done by professionals...

  4. grab your mullets gentlemen...

  5. hmn,,, another trash from pontiac

  6. Wow, I think it actually looks pretty good. I dont think the die hard Camaro fans will be too impressed though

  7. i think it looks pretty good but its not no camaro

  8. Pontiac wouldn’t bring the Bird back with Chevy’s Camaro when they WERE NOT going out of business and now a third party has to put a faux fascia on the new Camaro to deal with it? It still will not be a Firebird and I will scoff at anyone who does this. Can’t we just remember the good old Trans Am for what it was and be happy for those good times instead of dragging it’s corpse around refusing to believe it is really gone?

  9. Obviously some people here didn't pay attention to the FACT that Pontiac actually had a Trans Am concept car and were planning production prior to the company's issues. So it isn't that they "wouldn't" bring it back, they couldn't in the end. And just because some people may not want and/or like this option doesn't mean others won't. So get off your "leave it in the past" high horses and go somewhere else if this isn't for you. Let those that enjoy Pontiac and its legacy honor it in whatever way they feel is best.

  10. The goat is totally mean looking and is my favorite out of all 4 models and if you are so hung up on your high horse then you must be very narrow minded!These car's are beautiful!Keep up the great work and inovation!

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