Hurst announces Pontiac G8 H.O. 'Executive Hot Rod'

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The company will hand-build 52 of the custom black and gold Pontiacs

The company will hand-build 52 of the custom black and gold Pontiacs

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The Pontiac G8 - and its entire brand - are nearly extinct, but there's time for one last hurrah at Hurst. The historic hot rod company has plans to build 52 special-edition Hurst/Pontiac H.O versions of the G8 as well as a G6 convertible.

Like the Hurst Challengers released late last year, the H.O. - High Output - G8 is intended to be a modern-day interpretation of George Hurst's 'Executive Hot Rod' concept. Each of the 52 cars will be hand-built and numbered to reflect their limited-edition status. Available colors include white/gold and black/gold two-tone affairs, complemented by Hurst wheels.

Some of the modifications planned to transform the G8 to H.O. status include the usual slate of Hurst interior and exterior accessories, plus a re-worked suspension and a supercharger for the V8 under the hood.

The Hurst G6 convertibles are designed to commemorate Hurst director emeritus Doc Watson's pace cars. They will be used as parade vehicles and special-event cars.

"Doc started all of this with George back in 1960 with Hurst Performance Research. His Hurst H.O. Pontiacs have stormed drag strips and main streets across the country for 50 years," said Hurst Chairman, Nate Shelton. "There could not be a better time to honor Doc and the legendary Pontiac marque."

The Hurst Pontiacs will be available for ordering starting August 1 at the Hurst Performance website.
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Comments (5)
  1. Look like this will be the last hurrah for lame-duck Pontiac, and, at least this will be an outstanding swansong and have the division go out with a bang!

    I still feel that GM are fools of they don't bring the Zeta-based Pontiac G8 over to Chevrolet or Buick, it's such an amazing and formidable sedan for it's class, and, take a look at how the Zeta-based Camaro is hot and selling.

  2. Would be a good sight to see the G8 next to the new mustang, challenger and camaro!

  3. the g8 is going to a chevy platform

  4. I wonder if this car didn't sell as well as expected because it was a little too big... people seem to want performance sedans somewhere between a G35 and CTS. It would have been considerably faster, lighter and had better fuel economy.
    However, I like this the way it is because I'm pretty tall and something the size of a G feels a little small for me. Not that I don't fit, I'm just not as comfortable driving it... the CTS is better, but still relatively tight. Anybody over 5'10" is not sitting behind me in anything smaller than the G8 though...

  5. The car is smaller exterior dimension wise than a Charger, or BMW 5 series, or even the Bonneville and Grand Prix that it replaces, while offering more interior volume.
    The rear seat in this car is amazing. I'm 6'2, and I can still sit comfortably behind my drivers seat.

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