BMW Releases New Photos Of M Sport Package For 7-series

Up until the end of last year BMW was in the process of developing a brand new performance saloon positioned above the latest 7-Series flagship and destined to enter the premium four-door coupe segment. Then the global economic crisis hit and on the back of weak financial results BMW decided not to risk the launch of such an expensive model. Instead, the automaker chose to focus on its existing 7-Series, in part with the new M Sport package officially revealed last week. Today BMW released new photos revealing the M-designed interior.

The M Sport package includes the typical exterior upgrades to give a sharper, sportier appearance, along with interior upgrades to enhance the driver-car interface. New pieces include a BMW M shifter, M steering wheel and M footrest. Carbon fiber trim is also available.

In combination with the M Sports package, the customer also has the choice of exclusive paintwork in Carbon Black Metallic, apart from six other body colors all available as an option. Completing the look is a set of 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in a double-spoke design, or optional 20-inch units. And last but not least, the electronically controlled BMW Dynamic Drive also comes in the M Sports package for the 7-series.

Other models in the BMW fleet available with an M Sport package include the 1, 3, and 5-Series, as well as the X5, which you can read about in our previous story.

Sadly, it appears rumors of a high-performance M7 super-saloon have been proven unfounded as this new styling pack is only a minor upgrade to the standard car.


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Comments (10)
  1. Yawn....

  2. You know what's funny? These are luxury cars. My dad traded his 2002 S430 in for a new S550 with much bigger wheels and low profile tires, and now he hates the firmer ride.
    If you want sport, buy a sports car...

  3. some ignorant comments here, can't appreciate fine European cars. jculpjr, that means you, philistine!

  4. as far as the big cars go, this looks good.

  5. Really, with a name like "I H8 America" I'm sure we should treat your unbiased commentary with a great deal of respect.

    Or perhaps not.

  6. But in any event, I think the point is that these huge sadans can be "sporty", that is, well handling for their size and mass, kind of like the X5, X6 and Cayenne manages, but with more room inside. But. Most of the people who like these cars are older, and really prefer a butter-smooth ride over all else. That said, the cars with softer suspensions and softer tires (higher profile) tend to make better luxury sedans...

  7. Gus my dad to had an 2002 S430 but traded it in for a 745LI with the individual package which ment he had 20inch wheels. Although the wheels were harder to drive on then the standered wheels they completed a great look for the car. Something which didnt mean a great deal to my dad but pleased me.
    When testing the new 750LI his car had 20inch optioned wheels and the "active steering thingy" option. He could not belive the difference of the ride of the car due to this option! The 20inch wheels felt nimble and as good as the standered ones.
    He now has his new 750LI with beautiful BMW 20inch wheels and is very happy.

    On the note of the M pack above, i my self am very disapointed. Doesnt look near as good as i would have expected. Dont like the wheels and too much chrome. Looks cheap. I have to give it to merc, i do love their AMG kits' on the S-class better.

  8. It's a nice appearance, and perhaps a handling upgrade, for the new-generation 7-Series. As far as an M7, as I said before in other posts, with the Alpina B7 edition, and the 760 with the Twin-Turbo V12 which is shared with Rolls-Royce, albeit in different tune, you really do not need an M7.

  9. The M cars have never been over the top with their looks and add ons Josh, *understated* is the working word. Plus, this is only an *M car look*, not the whole package.

    Still, this is a very handsome car, inside and out even if if the front still looks a bit weird (let's thank European pedestrian safety rules for that I guess). Somebody sit Flame Surfacing Boy down and tell him *look, this is what a luxury car should look like, not loke Jennifer Lopez's ass on wheels*.

  10. When it comes to new, innovative engine developments, I must confess BMW is the king. Mercedes, Audi and even porsche are not even in its league.

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