Chrysler previews 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

The new model will be fitted with a 6.4L HEMI V8 churning out more than 500hp (373kW)

The new model will be fitted with a 6.4L HEMI V8 churning out more than 500hp (373kW)

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With Chrysler confirming last month that its Street and Racing Technology (SRT) division is safe from the company’s current budgetary cutbacks, we can expect to see new models sprout from the performance arm over the coming years. The first of these could be a replacement for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, which has been previewed today in this official teaser sketch showing a new version based on the recently revealed 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Labeled as a 2012 model, the new model will likely arrive sometime in 2011. Power is expected to come from a brand new 6.4L HEMI V8 engine rated at around the 500hp (373kW) and 500ft-lb (678Nm) of torque. Hopefully, this will be enough to allow the SRT8-prepped Jeep to cement its title as the world’s fastest SUV now that the pair of M SUVs from BMW have landed.

The new engine will be called the 392 HEMI (in reference to its capacity in cubic inches) and is expected to first appear in updated versions of the Dodge Challenger and Charger in 2011.

In addition to the power transplant, the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 will also sport a subtle bodykit, a lowered ride height, stiffed suspension, and chunky SRT 5-spoke wheels housing uprated brakes.
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  1. Nice perview, but it might not, nay probably won't, happen because they are all focused on CAFE and fuel economy.

  2. Nice perview, but it might not, nay probably won't, happen because they are all focused on CAFE and fuel economy.

    I agree. This is not where Chrysler should be focused and such a vehicle will do little towards helping/saving Chrysler.

  3. Still, this is heartening news, whatever the chance of production may be. It shows that, even though they're in trouble, Chrysler isn't willing to give up on the millions of performance enthusiasts in this country and elsewhere. Moreover, however awkward a "performance Jeep" sounded on paper, the current version really does have a presence, though it's not overdone. It's fun to see a Jeep SUV blow off Mustangs and 'Vettes accompanied by that HEMI rumble!

  4. Chrysler has stated that this redering is not one of their own, so this is just speculation and rumor until hard facts surface.

  5. Is this a sign of Chrysler's new-found confidence in exceeding CAFE standards with their influx of Fiat-based cars and engines? I hope so.

  6. I feel crysler should bring back the srt jeep, but instead of putting a bigger engine, use the current 6.1 srt hemi and give it MDS for increased fuel efficiency!!! The current 6.1 has plenty of power and torgue and does the current jeep srt8 very well. Plus horsepower increase options are availible. I know some who is getting 530 HP and 530 Torgue from his 6.1 SRT hemi.

  7. as long as the car sounds good and has just enough to feel powerful enough it doesnt matter beacuse people buy cars like this for the "bling factor" not so much the way it drives etc because it wont drive very good lol

  8. wow i love it

  9. i luv it i own 06 jeep srt8,cant wait, want more power hopefully 600hp 580ft real street killer

  10. Well, I loved the 'old' SRT8 interior - nice seats, no wood dash (real jeeps shouldn't have wood dashes) but I found the "utility" part severely lacking. Couldn't tow anything, couldn't carry much, and couldn't go off-road (well much). Local race tracks don't allow SUVs. Too slow to cooperatively drag race (toooooo heavy). And to top it off, too thirsty. A small 5 passenger SUV had better get at least 20mpg. Other than that, it would be just a toy - and I rather get a 2 seater if that all it is.

  11. Pretty tame looking when prepared to its predecessor. That noted, she'll be incognito w 500 horses hiding under her hood.

  12. I have 2 boys and the SRT8 is my "mom" car. True about the "utility" part lacking, but who cares? After owning this Jeep, I am ruined for life. I dare anyone to find a "family" car more fun to drive or one that get's as many second looks. We simply can't wait for the next one.

  13. Chrysler's legacy is performance. Ask the bean counters why no SRT 8s are gathering dust in dealer lots like the CAFE friendly putt putt gas sippers ? Vehicles like the SRT 8 will lead Chrysler out of bankruptcy because they all will sell.

  14. I think that is good news!

  15. This SRT looks great, this is just where Chrysler needs to be, they are not Toyota, and a Toyota customer will ever buy a Chrysler product. There are enough of us out there who still want Hemi's, give me a Hemi, a Bud, a flat screen and NASCAR and I'm happy. To hell with what Hollywood wants they are broke anyway.
    Larry David can drive his Toyota, and I hope he enjoys it, and I hope he can stop it, I'm happy in my Dodge pick up.

  16. Ok ad3inc dont say nothing if dont know about cars 6.1 hemi has no mds and only 5.7litle so go and read about fords and chevy my friend

  17. Mike, Quit it with the Toyota bashing... it's very tired and played out. There are plenty of Toyota customers that will buy a Chrysler product. I'm currently a Toyota 4Runner owner (It stops just fine if you're wondering). I've also owned Jeeps and am reading this article because I'm interested in the new Grand Cherokee. I'm also checking out the new current Ram. No need to make everything domestic vs. import. And if you do wanna play that way, try to to be so closeminded, maybe live a little and try a Victory someday... it's just as American as a Bud but tastes a hell of a lot better.

  18. My first inclination was to make a bad remark if the 25 cent transmission would hold up to 500 horses or not, but we have never had tranny problems with Jeeps to speak of. But Chrysler sure has and I hope they keep their stupid ideas away from the Jeep vehicles. I question how well MDS engines hold up under stress, which EVERYONE I know with an SRT8 Grand has fun with their vehicle, 120 MPH on our local 70 mph roads are common with several of our owners. The 5.7L with MDS is a different animal, and you can feel the change when it steps down, just a little shudder.
    We have a little fun in West Virginia and love our Jeeps. I hate that they took away some of the best dealerships when they filed chapter 11. I still take mine to my old no-longer a Jeep dealer for my service, because they know what they are doing. The new one doesn't know ANYTHING. What a shame Chrysler just doesn't get customer service/satisfaction. They went from 27 dealers to 7 in our state. Kinda sucks!

  19. So much for people being worried about MPG's...Do you really need 500 HP?

  20. NEED 500 HP? Nobody NEEDS it. WANT 500 HP? Yes, please. Not sure why Ron is even on this page in the first place, except to tisk tisk and shake his head. I expect there's a Prius in his garage.
    I *almost* got an SRT back in Dec 07. Instead, opted for a diesel. Two reasons: 1) SRT8 and those two dual exhaust pipes IN THE MIDDLE made pulling a jetski trailer impossible. 2) Traded in the Durango (HEMI) and decided to stay out of the filling station as much. ANd yes, the diesel gets about 20mpg. Durango got 9.
    But, just cant get that rush outa my mind from that test drive. Test driving that SRT8 on Nebraska country roads... seriously, it will knock your stomach back just like a roller coaster! Am going to my dealer to put in an order for one of the first black ones.

  21. The hell with fuel economy and Obama. We need more horsepower in the SRT8. Hope that Chrysler will face up to the competition from Ford (Mustang) and General Motors (Camaro, Cadillac).

  22. I hope this will happen! I owned a Jeep SRT8 06' and now I own a Jeep SRT8 09'! Best family car with lots of power! Some small upgrades and you have ~470 HP with the 6.1 HEMI.... can't wait for the 6.4 HEMI!!

  23. and a 6 speed transmission!

  24. I had a 2007... For 2 weeks. Couldn't live with 9 mpg when I drive 25K a year... Not the cost; just the annoyance. Just took delivery of a 2011 X5 V-8. Night and day for ride, handling... But for bare knuckles power and torque... The SRT 8 is about as exciting as it gets. W

  25. X6M baby!!! SRT8's are BA for sure though

  26. WOW! Talks about Jeep SRT8 gas consumption, towing ability, ride quality...etc is like saying Ferrari has limited cargo space go for a mini van. This truck was built with one main objective...that is to go fast. In my opinion for a domestic performance truck it is a bad axx truck in every way. New 2011/2012 SRT8 should be another huge improvement over the previous gen. I own 08 SRT8.

  27. I currently own a 2006 SRT-8 Jeep as well as an SRT-8 300. Both vehicles are fun to drive, they handle very well and have no shortage of power. I'm quite excited to to test drive the 2012 SRT-8 jeep with the new larger engine. I can only imagine the fun one could have on the highway with this new toy. My current jeep is a sleeper beating many sports cars not only light to light but on the highway too. This proposed new SRT-8 will only serve to be yet another great sleeper.

  28. Great to feel the passion behind some of the posts here, what a great country to be able to speak as openly and freely in public forums like this
    ....IMHO, buying an SRT-8 to achieve mileage, or for anything remotely resembling economy, is well, just crazy. There are plenty of vehicles that give mpg.
    Also, if given the choice to support American manufacturing, why not? Our country needs all of the jobs we can keep...and if everyone felt okay about buying foreign, 2/3 of the people reading this would be unemployed.
    While loyalty to a brand may not be for everyone, loyalty to the USA and American manufacturing would do much to boost our lagging economy and job market...
    I look forward to the delivery of one of the first 2012 SRT-8 Cherokees. The other options just don't match up for the performance/ cost.
    Bonus: Getting to sleep well at night, knowing that my dollars have not supported foreign manufacturing, nor fueled any auto transport ships from Europe or the Orient, putting $$ in the hands of the Middle East, who are working at killing us.

  29. have the 300C SRT8, and I'm in love with this car! I live in Poland where the fuel is 2 times more expensive than in the U.S. and people knocking on my head seeing that I have a car with a big engine. is a pleasure to ride with incredible power and I hope that Chrysler will continue to produce srt

  30. have the 300C SRT8, and I'm in love with this car! I live in Poland where the fuel is 2 times more expensive than in the U.S. and people knocking on my head seeing that I have a car with a big engine. is a pleasure to ride with incredible power and I hope that Chrysler will continue to produce srt

  31. this srt8 looks like a dwarf on steriods it trys tooo hard.Unluck the old SRT8 which was buch tough and manly.But i think all the short people and attention seekers would like, cos I'am one and it sure looks matrosexually tough.

  32. I cant wait until it comes out!!!!

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