Hyundai Equus Flagship Announced For U.S., On Sale By Late 2010

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Hyundai will start promoting the Equus this summer by importing 100 examples to display in showrooms

Hyundai will start promoting the Equus this summer by importing 100 examples to display in showrooms

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It's official: Hyundai has confirmed its flagship luxury sedan, the Equus, will be sold in the U.S. starting in late 2010. It is intended as a rival to luxury flagships such as the Mercedes Benz S-Class, BMW 7-series and Lexus LS, but with a price tag substantially lower than its competitors.

Previous reports from a Hyundai insider indicated that the Equus would be priced below $60,000 in the U.S. Its closest competitor, at least in terms of pricing, will be the Lexus LS 460, which starts at $64,700 including shipping. In South Korea the Equus is priced from $50,000 but a fully loaded version can range up to $81,000 in price.

We won’t have to wait until next year to see the Equus on local roads, however. "We showed the car at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, and the response was fantastic," says John Krafcik, Hyundai Motor America president and CEO. "Since then, we've had a fleet travelling around the country, capturing input from our dealers and consumers. Here, too, the response was extraordinarily positive, and similar to the market reaction to the award-winning Genesis, so we've decided to bring it to the U.S."

The Genesis took home the 2009 North American Car of the Year award and Hyundai is hoping to further capitalize on this success, since the Equus is based on a lengthened version of the RWD platform underpinning the award-winning Genesis.

Measuring in at a generous 16.9 feet in length, 6.2 feet in width and 4.9 feet in height, the Equus certainly has the luxury sedan size factor. The powertrain lineup is also respectable, with the Equus available with a 286-horsepower 3.8-liter Lambda V-6 and a 361-horsepower 4.6-liter Tau V-8. A long-wheelbase model will eventually be offered, complete with a brand new 5.0-liter version of the Tau V-8. This new 5.0-liter unit is likely to be the sole powertrain used for U.S. versions.

Some of the possible options include tilting rear seats, massagers and TV screens in the rear seats. Full details, options and specifications will be revealed closer to the car's launch next year.

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Comments (20)
  1. Well least they think we can have it, other companies would decide against it

  2. as a Mercedes employee, i can already tell you that this car scares us a bit. as an automobile enthusiast as well, i can tell you that Hyundai is the brand to watch over the next 5 years.

  3. Hyundai is getting better as design though people will start saying this looks like something or other

  4. But this car needs a new, luxury brand to survive outside South Korea. Genesis is a pretty bad choice, though. And the Genesis Coupe doesn't belong to it.

  5. The basic shape of this car is nice, but overall it looks heavy. From side view, the wheel arches / wheels seem too small in relation to the head & tail lamps are too big.

    What Germans do best is play with the proportion of their cars to make them look "balanced" and manage the stance for a "sporty" look without reverting to too many cuts, lines, shuts and funny looking head & tail lamps.

    Look at RR Phantom or MB S Class. Large cars that despite their sheer size still looks athletic in stance. Lexus on the other hand has a long way to go in this department.

  6. I'm sorry but even after 20 years of trying, lexus still isnt competing with the germans. they are an acceptable and slightly more frugal alternative. and that is with all the knowlege of toyota backing them.

    while hyundai has improved shockingly in the last 5 years, they still have a long long LONG way to go.

    just because they can make a good ship for the seas doesnt mean they can make a good ship for the road. sorry. the day you see some industrial magnate being driven around Hamburg in an Equus is the day they've matched Merc and BMW.

    Price shouldnt come into the equation, and even lexus still has to under cut the germans to make buying their cars "make sense".

  7. This made my day quite a bit, that the Equus is more positively coming to the USDM, for reaction at the NYIAS had been successful! This will be a sweet range-topper, and then some, with an addition of a 5.0L version of the Tau V8, and an even larger edition with a LWB - that could put the overall length from some 203" and change of the version pictured and at NYIAS and Seoul to some 208-209" taking a 5-6" wheelbase extension into account.

    Hyundai is really up & coming, especially of late!!

  8. I can think of 5 cars I'd rather have at $50k other than this one. At $80k, I'd rather buy used Mercedes S-Class/BMW 7 Series than a new Equus.

  9. VW tried with the Phaeton. I don't think it will be possible to be sell a 60K car next to a 12K Accent. It will be interesting to watch.

  10. @NaBUru38 especially.

    Didn't Hyundai announce that they will most likely launch a luxury brand in 2010 or 2011? If so, (most likely) a 56k for a luxury vehicle with that much option is a pretty damn good deal. I mean, my 335i is still 54k without being fully loaded -_-

  11. Not sure they really need to bring it over here, looks allot like the genesis.

  12. Chris, Regardless of what you say - Since 2000, Lexus have been the best selling automotive luxury brand. Outpacing BMW and Mercedes, at the end of the day, that's what counts most.

  13. Is more adventurously designed than Lexus LS sedan ( shades of Buick LaCrosse in side crease ) but must say the cabin is terribly cheap in execution.

  14. I read a test on this vehicle and it sounds impressive

  15. It will be interesting to see how Hyundai markets this vehicle. I'm 23 and when I see a Hyundai, I still think cheap, but they've really worked quality to mimic Honda and Toyota yet their styling is still a tad dated.
    With the Equus, Hyundai is better off launching a new premier line that will have separate showroom space and then offer the vehicle as "special orders" for its generic Hyundai showrooms, to make sure the "Accent next to the Equus" doesn't happen

  16. Will those ideas of thinking cheap when you hear Hyndai are very outdates. Their quality matches or surpasses Honda and Toyota in quality. The Sonata beats the Accord in fuel economy. Also they have a great warranty and get a lot in a car for the money, so best bang for the buck.

  17. I don't know. As I am a Korean, I've seen that car several times, cause hyundai started to sell the new Equus early this year in Korea. This car does have a very unique design, and is better than the genesis in any ways. But In U.S market,,, I don't know if hyundai is doing the right thing or not. Hope they do know what they are doing.

  18. My response to Hyundai will always be tainted by my experience driving the early 90s $6,000 Excel my sister paid $9,500. It sounded like a sewing machine and was simply terrifying to drive over 55 mph. She sold it 2 years later for $4,000 so only lost $5,000 on the deal... LOL. I know I am wrong but it is a physical response

  19. The interior build quality of Hyundai is sub-par
    They have cheap trim the leather and switchgear is sub-par. Interior benchmark is Audi.BMW also has taken a nosedive off late. Also try closing a Audi/BMW/Merc door and compare with a Hyundai genesis door you do not get a solid feel as they use less steel so eventually cheaper

  20. Hyundai is known for being future-forward in their exterior designs. Why didn't they make the Equus more like the 1st photo concept in the article?? Even the Chrysler 300 looks better than the 2014 Equus. That Equus concept above runs circles around the real Equus' super conservative design. The other competing premiere sedan brands have better exteriors, in my opinion.

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