Volkswagen shows off 71mpg Polo BlueMotion concept car

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VW's Stefan Jacoby says fossil fuel cars, like this Polo BlueMotion, are the real near-future solution

VW's Stefan Jacoby says fossil fuel cars, like this Polo BlueMotion, are the real near-future solution

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Volkswagen is set to expand its BlueMotion range of fuel misers with the launch of a new version based on the recently revealed fifth-generation Polo hatchback. While the Polo BlueMotion isn’t due to hit the streets until next year, a concept version of the car has made an appearance at today’s Geneva Motor Show.

If the concept’s initial mileage figures are anything to go by, VW may just have its hands on one of the world’s most fuel efficient five door hatchbacks. The Polo BlueMotion concept has a claimed fuel economy figure of 71mpg (3.3L/100km) – blasting the 60mpg (3.9L/100km) 2009 model completely out of the water.

The key to its miserly ways is a brand new 1.2L TDI engine that reduces the Polo’s CO2 emissions to just 87g/km. Development work on the 1.2L TDI powertrain is yet to be completed but the head engineer of the project, Dr. Hackenberg, insists that it will be ready by February of next year.

Other systems that help to the car save fuel include an automatic engine start-stop system and regenerative brakes. These two technologies alone reduce fuel consumption of the 75hp (55kW) three-cylinder direct-injection diesel by up to 0.2L per 100km.

But that is not all that is being done. On the Polo BlueMotion concept car, which weighs in at just 1,080 kilograms, VW is calling upon an entire array of efficiency measures, including an aerodynamic package for the body that is lowered by 10mm (including modified front end), an aerodynamically optimized underbody and low rolling resistance tires on 15in alloy wheels. Altogether, these modifications yield fuel savings totaling 0.8L/100km and has lowered CO2 emissions by about 20%.

Other features being presented on the Polo BlueMotion concept car include a custom interior and a splay for indicating optimal shift times and tire pressure.
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Comments (4)
  1. Now THAT is a supercar. Why in the world would ANYONE buy a Smart or a Prius or any Hybrid for that matter when this vehicle exists?
    This car is too small for me, but I'll bet this same tech could be scaled up a little to a Golf sized machine with an automatic and still get better mileage than anything in it's class. If you commute, this would be the car for you...

  2. Oh whats that? Speak up Prius I can hear you! Oh you only get 40mpg and the materials with which you are made are shipped halfway around the world twice... sorry to hear that.

    You have to hand it to the Germans on how to do green.

  3. If that VW were ever set to come USA, I figure the price of Diesel here would go above $15.00/gal ;)

  4. It will all come down to cost and personal preference.
    If i visited a particular Smart dealership that i have visited on numerous occasions i can pick up a delivery mileage Smart ForTwo CDi for just over £9000.
    The Polo Bluemotion may be a higher quality product but if anything goes to plan it will be a premium priced vehicle in the Uk.
    I remember seeing one for sale last year in my local Vw dealership here in North Wales and it was nearly £12,000 and gave only slightly improved economy over the cheaper 1.4Tdi version.
    The Toyota Prius i'm affraid doesnot have economy anywhere near that of the Polo or Smart and my Vw dealership here charge £87 an hour for servicing which is considerably more than the Smart dealership which actually is part of the Mercedes showroom.
    My friends Smart recently cost £128 for it's first service and the amount of time they kept the car you would have thought they had lost it and were thinking of a story to tell me on why it had gone missing.
    The Vw Polo is a far more mature car than the Smart, i know because i used to own a 1.4 Tdi some years ago and the build quality was remarkable.
    As it is only me who does most of the driving a posh Vw Polo is too expensive to purchase and maintain whilst a Smart being two door and giving in excess of 100mpg if driven carefully will do me nicely.

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