Project M Supercar Revealed As Corvette ZR1-Based Mantide

Giving brilliant people free rein to build their dreams has led to some of the best designs in automotive history, no small portion of which were penned by people working for Stile Bertone. Ex-Pininfarina designer and now head of Stile Bertone Jason Castriota is one of those people - the author of James Glickenhaus' fantastic P4/5. Now he has designed his own supercar, called the Mantide.

Though Castriota is at the center of the project, his ties to Stile Bertone are also being kept at the forefront. Castriota's own combination of American birth and Italian heritage echoes the ties between Bertone's past and the supercar design of the present.

The car, which made its debut today at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show, is built off a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 platform but its entire body is completely new, composed mostly of carbon-fiber and magnesium. The use of the lightweight materials meant designers were able to shave almost 250lb from the kerb weight of the already lightweight ZR1. Furthermore, aerodynamic aids similar to the ones used in F1 sees the Mantide feature 25% less drag and 30% more downforce than the ZR-1 on which it’s based.

The end result is a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds and a top speed in excess of 200mph. Unfortunately, no production plans have been revealed yet.

For more of Castriota's shockingly awesome design work, check out the Ferrari 599 GTB, Rolls Royce Hyperion and the Maserati GranTurismo.


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Comments (15)
  1. Thanks for the quality post. We'll be sure to keep you updated with new developments. We gave you props on Twitter

  2. Ok i hope these teasers are a ruse because that car looks like it’s been hit one too many times by the ugly stick.

    That poor ZR1 :(

  3. Wow, that is very different looking. I applaud the effort. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Any pics of the front?

  4. Looks like it should be in the new "Transformers" movie; it's other-worldly.

  5. hell

  6. I'll take a ZR1, thanks.

    "Man-Tide"? Sounds like a club. In San Francisco. In the Castro district...

  7. What the hell... Wow... I'm sorry but what a waste of time and resources...

    All this teasing and such for a slightly riced Corvette... ugh.

  8. This is just too cartoonish and messy. Lets see how many people like it/dislike it.

    My opinion: UGLY

  9. It all seems a bit of a new take on the old Ferreri "bread van" of the sixties. In other words it screams been there done that!! I can not say that all the hype was worth the eventual product, although I'll give him 10 out of 10 for marketing skills.

    P.S. Gus do you visit the Castro district often?

  10. Some images of the Ferrari bread van for you all. It came for auction last year and failed to sell I wonder why??

  11. I'll take a ZR1, thanks.

    "Man-Tide"? Sounds like a club. In San Francisco. In the Castro district...

    its pronounced Man-tih-day.

  12. It sure is quite different and very striking... but somewhat too "thunderbirdie" if you know what I mean.

  13. nice cars

  14. I dont know why everyone on this forum is trying to compare the ZR-1 with the GTR and the 599 GTB. Look at this video.

  15. I wonder if GM would serve themselves well by offering the corvette chassis to companies like Pininfarina, Bertone, and other smaller, niche companies. The chassis and drive line are amazing for the money but the interior and styling?? Perhaps GM could usher in the renaissance of the coachbuilder.

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