Extended Maybach 62 becomes six-seat Maybach 72

maybach 72 stretch limo 002

maybach 72 stretch limo 002

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Daimler's Maybach brand of super-luxury executive vehicles doesn't have the sales strength of rivals Bentley or Rolls Royce, but it's no less an opulent and sizable piece of machinery. Despite the Maybach 62's 242.7in (6.17m) length, some intrepid modifiers decided it wasn't quite large enough, and decided to extend the car to accommodate six passengers in comfort.

The only thing lacking in the resulting Maybach 72, then, is taste, as it clearly has room for just about everything else imaginable. Stretching the Maybach to make room for a new pair of rearward-facing but full-sized seats was apparently no small feat, as the already healthy $390,000 price tag has climbed to a staggering $780,000 (€599,000) post-conversion.

Not much else is known about the car, though its sellers claim the 2004-model car has seen almost no use, with just 497mi (800km) on the odometer.
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Comments (7)
  1. This goes beyond excessive opulence, this is a case of "I'm super freakin' rich and super freakin' stupid". Watch some Sheikh in Abu Dhabi snap it up.

  2. an extra $400k for an extra 2 seats and leg-room?
    buy another car with that money.

  3. I have to admit. I love this car so much that if i had the money, i would make the conversion.

  4. justin, my question is why? is it the technology? you can get that in an S class. is it the looks? you can get better in an S class. is it the luxury? you can get that in anything else - this thing's a beast! i have always found maybach to be the auto market's biggest waste of money

  5. It's the biggest waste of money to you because you're not a billionaire. If you were you couldn't care less about whether a car is worth the money. You just buy the biggest baddest car out there. That's what Maybach is about. It's not supposed to make sense.

  6. The car is not bad in of itself, just too expensive. At say, $300 thousand, the car would sell a lot more.

  7. to James:
    Its the factor that you can drive at 150 mph and still sip wine while watching satelite tv with curtan drawn to a close and lying on a layz boy. That is why i love this car, the S-class can't offer this, it dosen't have the soud insulation or the side curtans, or the satelite tv, or 2 20" monitors. Nothing can surpass this car. This the ultimate car. And no this is not a waste of money. Maybach rarely makes excess of this car, there is prob lik 50 cars that have not been sold in the US, if you want one, you have to special order it and wait for Maybach to build and ship it to u

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