Attack of the Clones: Chinese copies of the Honda CR-V

Attack of the Clones: Chinese copies of the Honda CR-V

Attack of the Clones: Chinese copies of the Honda CR-V

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Honda has done very well with the CRV. So well, in fact, that Chinese companies are now copying the car almost verbatim and selling the fakes at less than half the price of the original.

Despite appearances, the models are actually inferior to the original. The Huabei RV, for example, only has a top speed of 125km/h, much less than the original. The Chinese government has already had complaints from foreign car manufacturers about stopping such behaviour, but has so far turned a blind eye. Car manufacturers also have their hands tied behind their back because they want a piece of the lucrative Chinese automotive market, which continues experiencing explosive growth.

Take a look at the following cars from various Chinese manufacturers and spot the differences:

Huabei RV:



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Shaunghuan SRV:


And now, the original Honda CR-V:

Thanks to Le Blog Auto for the tip.
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Comments (3)
  1. This is insane. How can they be stopped?

    I suppose it is only a matter of time before they are available at Wal-Mart with a free 3 liter bucket of Sam Cola.

  2. "Jones" wondered how the invasion of the cheap Chinese cars could be stopped. One way to at least slow down the assault on our market would be to heavily publciize the crash testing that's already been done in Germany and elsewhere. A German organization did the testing - it might be their equivalent of AAA - and the pictures they published online of Chinese cars being crash tested were horrific. They tested a nice looking 2007 Brilliance sedan that looked to be about the size of a Taurus - something that might sell fairly well just on looks alone - and the front passenger area folded and caved in like you wouldn't believe. While North American, European, and Japanese manufacturers work to preserve the passenger space in a crash, it looked like that particular Chinese manufacturer paid no attention to the matter.
    Just Google Chinese crash test. You'll find lots of interesting stuff on YouTube and elsewhere.

  3. This is not suprising. China has been a source of fake products since time immemorial. Another reason why China will never be a true superpower because all products manufactured are knock offs. I bet even their military have knock off weapons.

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