Bugatti under threat from Porsche?

Bugatti under threat from Porsche?

Bugatti under threat from Porsche?

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The Bugatti brand remains a major money sink hole for the Volkswagen Group, so much so that Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking has campaigned to reduce the supercar label to coachbuilder status. UK’s CAR magazine reports that Porsche is already flexing its muscle now that it has increased its stake in VW. Spinning-off Bugatti to another label would be very difficult as it’s unlikely to make any profits even in the foreseeable future, and this could mean the demise of the brand altogether.

There were rumors that Bugatti might launch a sub $200K roadster or high-end performance sedan utilizing the drivetrain from the Veyron. However, competing brands Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bentley wouldn’t have it and it appears that further development on more Bugatti models have been quashed by senior management.

Porsche instead wishes to transform Bugatti into a super exclusive coachbuilder of special one-off vehicles costing upwards of $4,000,000 per commission. And you can probably guess the brand of cars they want underpinning future Bugattis.....

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  1. and thus the problem of one companyowning everything occurs. when a car company cant compete with its self like vag cares what someone buys if bently has a 200k car and bugatti has a 200k car, doesnt VAG get the same profit anyway?

  2. I have a feeling Porsche will wrap its slimy tentacles all over the Volkswagen group. Bugatti costs too much? Can it. Audi R8 too good a competitor to the 911? Discontinue it. It's a pretty sad state of affairs.

  3. also, i cant spell. sorry about that. but, if VAG didn't want bugatti to be a success why would they develop the 16.4 veyron, and not continue with their W12 coupe? soon they will shut down lamborghini cos it competes with the 911 turbo, then kill the TT cos its in boxter territory.

  4. Porsche is not stupid they will not just kill cars that they consider them competition. Lambo buyers are of a certain type just as 911 and TT buyers are. Just as the Cayenne and Toureag coexist so will VAG. The Veyron could sustain a limited run because of what it is. I'm sure some of it's tech will find it's way in the next Carrera GT and it will probably come back as a limited run from time to time in a form that is as radical as this Veyron

  5. there's nothing wrong with company owning as it can help keep some struggling brands from going under.. a good example is Daimler/Chrysler buying Mitsubishi and kept them from going under and now they're doing great because they were given a chance to continue. Though I believe the Toureag and Cayenne are total wastes of technology, money, and effort, and if anything should be discontinued it's those vehicles from the entire porsche-audi-vw group and continue their efficient, fast, fun, and sporty cars

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