Ferrari unveils eco-friendly FXX Millechili study

Ferrari unveils eco-friendly FXX Millechili study

Ferrari unveils eco-friendly FXX Millechili study

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For Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary celebration at its headquarters in Maranello this week, the supercar company has unveiled its future strategy for improving its image in the eyes of environmentalists. Apart from the official formalities and the release of the 60th anniversary edition of the 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari showcased for the first time a new design study called the FXX Millechili.

Resembling a scaled down version of the Enzo supercar, the Millechili is not a concept of a future model per se, but is in fact a cardboard and plastic model that is supposed to represent the carmaker’s new goal of achieving efficiency in performance - it weighs just 1,000kg.

As part of the presentation, Ferrari engineers revealed details of new super-slippery aerodynamic shapes, biofuel capable models and a new hybrid-electric design. This latest study shows that developers are also chasing extreme weight reduction in future models, a goal that we can only applaud them for. Image courtesy of Winding Road, click here to see more.
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  1. More eco-friendly BS being pushed on to carmakers that should be clearly exempt. Don\'t these people understand that making Ferrari\'s more fuel efficient will change three fifths of F-all?

  2. I agree with Justin. Why is ferrari going down this route? Since they are owned by Fiat isn\'t their pollution offset by allt he small fiat cars sold?

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