Mazda2 MPS in the works

Mazda2 MPS in the works

Mazda2 MPS in the works

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Mazda’s new MPS (Mazdaspeed) range offer performance levels comparable with much more expensive cars and has quickly become the bang for your buck standard in many segments. Now the range is set to expand with the latest addition to be based on the recently launched Mazda2 hatch. The car is said to have already finished its development and is set to go on sale early next year according to the guys at Winding Road.

Packing a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine, the Mazda2 MPS will output roughly 230hp and 231lb-ft of torque and send drive to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. The car will also feature a sports bodykit, a new exhaust tip and 17in alloys.

Other features, likely to be lifted from the Mazda3 MPS, include a limited slip differential, traction and dynamic stability control and Volvo sourced 320mm brake discs. There’s no word on which markets will get the new hot hatch but we suspect the US will likely miss out.
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  1. Do you really think this car will have a 230hp engine? The most powerful B-segment hot hatches are the Renault Clio RS, Mercedes-Benz A200 Turbo and Opel Corsa OPC with 197, 193 and 192hp. And two wheels won't handle that that much power, considering that the Mazda 2 is much lighter than most superminis.

    And with current low emissions trend, the engine should be much smaller, 1.6 litres (Corsa, 207) or less.

  2. I would love to do the conversion on my Mazda 2 1.3

  3. It wuld b awesome considering that mazda virtualy kicks ass in the hothatch segment at the moment. Wuld luv 2 see a mazda2 winning robot 2 robot. Lol shuld keep the germans quiet.

  4. mazda sure knows how to to build a hothatch !!! waiting for the mazda 2 "mps" :)

  5. mazda sure knows how to to build a hothatch !!! waiting for the mazda 2 “mps”

  6. it will be kick ass when it does ..... how ever you will see the new fiesta st with the same motor first !!!!!! do you still wanna put your money on a mazda badge ...... did not think so ....

  7. please please, bring out the mazda 2 mps. i work at nissan as a test driver i want that car.

  8. I thought that the Mazdaspeed2 had the speed3 motor in it while watching some auto shows from youtube? please make the speed2 with the speed3 motor so we can keep the stis and evos in check! lol. ok, you can't win them all but hey, I'm sure it will be a 12 to 13 second car easily. Plus the regular 1.5s handle awesome! I doubt the fiesta will get any of these parts since they aren't mazda hence the mazdaspeed names correct? Plus the fiesta is ugly and I'm quite positive it won't handle nearly as good as the 2. If jose claims it, why haven't they made a fordspeed yet? That's probably because Mazda is the only company dealt with the Speed logos.

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