E92 BMW Coupe fitted with M5 V10

E92 BMW Coupe fitted with M5 V10

E92 BMW Coupe fitted with M5 V10

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A BMW parts retailer in Germany has just completed a new E92 335i Coupe project car fitted with the M5’s V10 engine in replacement of the standard car’s twin-turbo six. The special one-off was commissioned by Bremgo, a specialist in sourcing BMW parts and tuning accessories, and the one-stop shop is now offering all the parts necessary for the conversion to anyone crazy enough to shoe-horn the 507hp 5.0L into the Coupe.

Completing the mechanical changes is the adoption of the M5’s SMG instead of the Coupe's six-speeder. In addition to the new drivetrain, Bremgo has also loaded up the test car with BMW tuner gear including a Hartge perforated leather steering wheel and AC Schnitzer five-spoke alloy wheels, plus the pumped guards and bonnet from the new M3 Coupe as well as its carbon-fiber roof.

Not surprisingly, the car has been debadged. The only question remaining is what to name it.

This isn’t the first radical conversion undertaken by Bremgo. Their previous works include an E46 M3 fitted with a 543hp version of the M5 V10, and we suspect the upgraded engine may be the same spec as the one fitted in this new E92 version.

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Thanks to Jezza for the tip!
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Comments (11)
  1. Just wetted my pants a little bit....

  2. amazing...i wonder what it did to the weight distribution and dynamics though?

  3. That's not a M3.

    It's a common E92 disguised as an M3, with the M5 V10 engine.

    Although pretty amazing !

  4. People have pointed out that it is a 335i judging by the 7k rpm redline which cannot be found in the E92 M3. It is still great though!

  5. -M5 SMG is a seven speed gear box
    -the ACS wheels are forged Type V
    -unless they've changed the rear quarter panels as well.. it looks like it is an E92 M3
    (regular E92 have smaller fender flares)

  6. oh, and i forgot to mention, the CF roof.

  7. The car is in fact a 335 Coupe, albeit heavily modified to resemble the new M3. The original translation of the story was off, and it has now been updated.

  8. That cool, I want it!!!!!!

  9. GIMME,GIMME,GIMME.....MB should shoehorn the SL65 V-12 into the SLK ..... oops! I passed out

  10. Do you guys have an idea how these people dealt with other electronics in the car?? Meaning the engine control module is not only in direct contact with the engine mechanics but it is also in connection with other car subsystems, for example, right now I work for a seat heating module, that needs engine RPM information (present in the form of a specific communications network message with specific format). If the RPM message is not present in the data bus or the format is not correct, etc... the seat heating module may not work properly. Similary, since there are potentially dozens of subsystems (specially in higher end cars) and they are data-interconnected in a spiderweb fashion, swapping any subsystem could cause unpredictable results in other subsystems. Even the detection of the absense of a given subsystem will cause all other modules to start logging failures even if they need no data from it. So, any idea??

  11. dose anyone know what kind of seats are those ?
    i own a 2007 e92 and wanna also know if the 1/4 panel are the same on a 328i as the 20008 m3 going to buy the m3 hood front &rear bumpers and fenders and wanna put ac scniter type 5 rims

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