Pagani Zonda R Revealed

The Pagani Zonda and its several variants are already among the most dramatically styled and exclusive supercars in the world, but founder Horacio Pagani has more ambitious plans for the car in the form of the Zonda R. First previewed in late 2007, Pagani released full details for the car upon its Vienna debut on January 15, and earlier this month revealed the first real-life photos of the car. Now the ultimate Zonda has been captured taking laps at Monza in the rain.

The photos, sourced by Car Platform, show the Zonda working hard despite the slippery conditions. Sideways is rightways in the rain when you're talking about the kind of RWD power found in the Zonda R.

Powered by a very hot variant of the 7.3L AMG V12 engine that underpins several other Zondas, the R model is an exercise in extremes - extreme design, extreme materials and extreme performance. Though the car has yet to take to the track in anger - at least publicly - its heavier, less powerful Zonda F stablemate already set a scorching Nurburgring lap time of 7:27.82.

However, while the Zonda F was designed from the start as a road car, the all-new Zonda R was designed with one intention in mind – ultimate performance at the racetrack without any implications of rules, except for safety, where no compromise is allowed.

In September 2006 the first drawings were ready, but it was crucial to have the support of Mercedes-AMG for a high revving engine with a power output of 750hp (560kW), dry sump lubrication, low weight and a low centre of gravity. Peak torque is rated at a healthy 524lb-ft (710Nm). New modifications to the engine include a carbon-fiber high-flow intake, a racing multiple disc sintered clutch, and an F1-style exhaust system.

The Zonda R is a car designed from scratch, with only 10% of the Zonda F components to be carried over. Specifications include forged suspension, a newly designed six speed transversal sequential gearbox, a full carbon-fiber monocoque body, and an aeronautical four pump fuel tank.

The wheelbase has grown by 47mm, the overall length by 394mm and the track is increased by 50mm. The bodywork and aerodynamics have been modified to offer maximum downforce. Other features include magnesium forged rims with a central wheel nut and a quick pneumatic lifting system.

The new bodywork has been honed to offer elevated downforce even in low speed corners. The longer front bonnet with flaps, closed underbody and the rear overhang with the adjustable rear wing and race derived diffuser all work to improve aerodynamics.

Pricing for the car starts at $1.87 million.


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Comments (19)
  1. Wow!

    And I thought the original one looked outrageous!

    Maybe it's just me, but there's too many angles and whatsits here. A little too busy for my personal taste, but as I can't afford one I'll shut up now... :)

  2. It's a good thing they're limiting the production to 10 cars. That means there are only 10 chances of ever coming face to face with this overpriced monstrosity.

  3. this car wuz not built to look good
    paganis have always been outragous looking

  4. i want one

  5. I really wana see one compete in LMES or ALMS

  6. The last bit about using the engine from a CLK GTR got me thinking, this zonda looks a lot like the original clk gtr. the gigantic rear spoiler, the roof air scoop, the general shape, all derived from a 10 year old race car.

    But who cares tho the CLK GTR was one of the most awesome Le Mans cars in recent times.

  7. this is the most beautiful car ever made.

  8. The Zonda is the ultimate supercar. Incredible speed and handling, and it looks simply insane.

  9. i'm not so sure about the looks on this. it just doesn't look street legal in the same way that the maserati mc12 doesn't look street legal. they look like race cars meant for the track but not for the highway. that's one gargantuan spoiler...

  10. Who ever gets the privalige to own one of these is going to have one of the most awsome cars in the world.

  11. So amazing, but the price....... ugh :'(

  12. I have 1 thing to say

    'Bring on the STIG !'

  13. I just want to know if this can get the Nurburgring track record back from the Americans.

  14. Menacing. Looks like one hell of a ride if u got the money.

  15. i pitty Zonda and their attempts to somehow replace this...

  16. Man . . . I have no words. I can't imagine driving this thing. . . amazing car.

  17. 1 word... BEAST

  18. 1 word... BEAST

    2 words... HUGE SPOILER :D

  19. Can anyone tell me the exact name of this color? PLEASE!!

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