SSC Ultimate Aero TT Breaks Top Speed World Record

SSC Ultimate Aero TT breaks top speed world record

SSC Ultimate Aero TT breaks top speed world record

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America’s Shelby Supercars (SSC) is now officially the manufacturer of the ‘World’s Fastest Production Car’ thanks to its Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo supercar. The 1183hp (882kW) speedster set a new top speed record with an average Vmax of 255.83mph (411.76km/h), 3.11mph (5.01km/h) faster than the unofficial record set by the Bugatti Veyron. In order for the achievement to be official under the Guinness World Records’ guidelines, a vehicle testing for the top speed record must race down the course, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within one hour.

The vehicle's ‘top speed’ is calculated by averaging the top speeds of each pass in order to negate any favorable road or weather conditions. On a closed stretch of highway in Washington State, the Ultimate Aero posted a top speed of 257.11mph (413.83km/h) on its first pass and 254.55mph (409.71km/h) on its return pass to set the new top speed record of 255.83mph (411.76km/h). The speeds were recorded using a series of satellites and several on board sensors, with independent firm Dewetron on hand to monitor progress.
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  1. Yeah but what kind of fuel economy does it get?

  2. about bloody time

  3. thats gota suck for veyron owners cause they lost the bragging rights of saying they have the worlds fastest productiion car

  4. It took us awhile to get the name of fastest production back from the foreign countries. But like they say , "better late than never"

  5. Congrats to SSC!

    But super car does not mean a car that can reach ridiculous high and totally useless speeds. Sure I am not in the market of any of these, but I think we can agree that comparing the Veyron with SSC is kinda lame.

    Koenigsegg CCX would be my choice if I would have that kind of money.
    Lighter and fun to drive on a road racing course. Forget about 255 mph, there is no way to do that, unless you can close highways at will :-)

  6. Yes, but can it handle like the Veyron, does it have the build quality? Does it accelerate like it? These things would be for more important to me than just a few mph on top...

  7. What about the looks? The Veyron's gonna take you up too silly speed with a hell of a lot more class..

    And think about it, would you prefer saying you got a SSC Ultimate Aero TT
    (in short SSCUATT) or a Bugatti Veyron?

  8. If a television presenter can drive a standard Veyron to 407 km/h, what can an experienced pilot do with an adapted Veyron. The difference between 407 and 411 isn't that big. And the 407 of Top Gear presenter James May wasn't the top speed, he wasn't allowed to go further than that speed from Bugatti. What if he had almost unlimited road length. I'm still favouring the Veyron. In all the video's I've seen, it's clear that the Veyron is almost from outer space. Like Tiff Needell said on Fifth Gear, he never saw another car that goes so fast and at the same time is so easy to drive.

  9. the veyron also had a more impressive acheivement the way it combined it comfort and ease to drive with insane performance

  10. and lets not forget that Veyron has top speed limiter, some rumors say that without limiter it can hit around 260-265mph

  11. As far as the speed record, the veyrons run wasnt even an official one. nowhere have i seen that they state why they didnt turn around and run the other way. who knows it could of had a 40mph tailwind? The only real record that was to be beat was the CCXs of 242 which SSC did a good job at it. They also did a lot better of a job on styling than the Veyron(that thing looks like it ran straight into a wall) So yeah its lame they compared it to the veyron.

  12. This car is ugly as ****. You cannot compare it to the veyron. Besides, i bet it can only go straight, as all crappy american cars. I\'d pick the bugatti anytime, anywhere.

  13. here are some facts:
    -the UATT prototype beat the Enzo in the slalom at Road and Track. what handling specs does the 4300lb veyron have????
    -the ssc test pilot is 71 years old!!!!!!!! did you guys see that in the release today? it must be easy to drive!!
    -the veyron was almost at it's redline in 7th gear at 253 on the top gear video so those "rumors" about going 260+ are just that, RUMORS. unless bugatti changes gearing and ups the HP.

    all i ask is to make factual posts based on some type of rational though instead of just speculation.

  14. But also remember, the Bugatti Veyron is a luxurry car. The interior is beautifully crafted, and fulll of leather, it has been designed and built to perfection, with German accuracy, and an Italian heritage.. It also happens to be the ultimate production car you can buy today, with 1001 bhp, and a top speed of 253mph

    Now take a look at that American monstrosity.

    It's practically a stripped out racing car made barely road legal, who cares if it's a few mph
    faster. It's the same kind of comparison that you can make when someone says that their shitty little Caterham Seven is faster around a track than a Ferrari. Who cares

    I'll can't tell you who actually does care, but i can assure you that Bugatti Owners wouldn't give a flying f''' about this SSC UATT TT SS RR RSR RRRRR POWER RANGER XX XSX nor the fact that it is 3.11 mph faster. ther;es simply no comparison

  15. There is not much between the top speeds of the SSC and the Veyron, when it comes to looks though, I would pick the Veyron anytime.

  16. Great for SSC but this super sports car can hardly be compared with the ultimate luxury sport machine that is the Veyron which comes equipped with all the features and comfort you need, plus the ultimate speed. Why would I want to drive a really really fast bucket when I could drive a Veyron in the city and on the road in ultimate comfort.

    Another silly comparison is to say that Bugatti a luxury manufacturer can be compared with a 'car shop' like Shelby regardless of its racing success - which btw, Bugatti has its own history of Gran Prix Successes.

    Let's see Shelby try that on a wet road!

  17. you now what you sucker europian it just the bigening the ssc will change in the future
    and it could be most luxury car in the world. let me put this low brain [ the amirecan had enought money to upgrade ther things] even euro can't compare the american hummer
    anyway Im not americanboy plipino but I like U.S.A not thos ITALIAN bustards

  18. To anybody who doubts this car in comparison with the veyron, this car is faster in top speed, it runs a quicker quarter mile, out handles the veyron, and it's front end doesn't remind people of darth vader's mask. And on top of all that, it's cheaper and gets better fuel economy. Now can you really argue with those facts? Because they only thing the veyron can do better is 0-60 and one could debate the build quality, but as performance goes, the americans have just made a better car, with half the cylinders. A super small block out of a corvette, does it get more American than that?

  19. One question, will that SSC Ultimate Aero TT last on daily usage?

  20. Reply to ClayT. The Veyron never aimed to be cheaper given the quality of engineering. The SSC Ultimate Aero TT is basically a kit car with a Diablo shell solely designed for speed. There are some question to be answered:
    - What kind of tires does SSC TT use?
    - What about the emission test?
    - What is the reliability on daily usage i.e. running more than 500miles per day?
    - Fuel economy is only claim given the fact no one has bother to properly do it.
    - Since the car is so low, how practicable that car will be on daily usage or snow road?

  21. " -the ssc test pilot is 71 years old!!!!!!!! did you guys see that in the release today? it must be easy to drive!!"

    He has a professional racing background.

  22. Zero. To answer your questions. The Ultimate Aero uses Michelin PS2 tires used in many exotic cars including the Bugatti Veyron. Also, the Ultimate Aero is street legal. Not sure about reliability since the car is still in its testing phase. Since it does have a Corvette engine, it's engines are know to have decent gas mileage. And the car is equipped with a cabin-controlled front lifter which raises the car. Also, that 71 year old guy is just a test driver, not a professional race car driver.

  23. Yeah this is an amazing car and i even have a video from my dad when he was at the test. It wasnt the test were they hit 255 average but its going like 240 i think... sweet car.. if you want ill send you the video email is you can hear the bumper scraping its going so fast they had to tweak it it was crazy!!! Oh and duh in case u didnt figure it out my dad used to work for dewetron..

  24. the veyron is one of the most beautiful machines i have never seen, but what about the McLaren F1??? does nobody remember the beauty of my other favorite car?

  25. Look:
    The bugatti veyron has been made to last for about 20 years.
    It has the luxuries compared to the ultimate aero TT.

    And if you think about it:
    If the bugatti did not have all those luxuries, it could quite possibly go alot faster than its unofficial top speed, as it will be lighter.

    Even if I am wrong I would still choose the bugatti over the aero any day.
    Just liike how I would choose the enzo rather than the mclaren f1

  26. O and i think (may not be correct) that the bugatti got its top speed on a wet track

  27. My top cars:
    1st- Bugatti Veyron
    2nd- Enzo Ferrari
    3rd- Lamborghini Gallardo
    4th- Maserati MC12
    5th- Koenigsegg CCXR
    6th- Pagini Zonda

    Where on earth is the aero TT?

  28. I agree with the post that the Bugatti still had more juice, it was on a wet track, it is NOT an offical record (they haven't tetsed it like the SSC), and I'll tell you this- on that Bugatti test video, it was obvius that the car went past 407 for an instant. Given a test pilot, a dry track, multiple runs, the Bugatti is by far superior- we just don't know.

    Furthermore-where is this crap that the SSC is a production car? have they actually built 100 of these (or ist it 200 to qualify)? Or is this just a dream? If not, it yet qualifies as a prioduction car- because if we are going to talk straight out speed, I'll give you 3 words and everyone just shut up:


    regardless- The Bugatti is such an incredible machine- it is THE fastest from 0-100 back to 0-having beat a Suzuki 1000GSX Motorcycle!

  29. I bet the uatt can't turn around corners easily, like most american cars.

    And the front of the bugatti does not remind me of darth vaders mask, it reminds me of an amazing supercar.

  30. I hate americans

  31. To be as blunt as to say you “hate American's” is blatantly obvious that you admit you are just jealous of what the American’s have accomplished, don’t be a sore looser. And if this was a battle of the best interior then yes Bugatti would have the cake but this isn’t. To make the SSC more appealing to the eye is a lot easier than increasing speed.

  32. Americans and italians are all stupid. Yes this is 'blatantly obvious' - just look at their politics. Anyho, 'bout cars. Record is a record, nothing else matters when looking for the 'fastest one'. Next week it's gonna be some other car ... like 0.5mph faster ... so what?

  33. RE: Jordan

    No, Jordan.

    I hate Americans as a fact. reasons are that they changed football into soccer, teenage american kids screaming at you on online gaming, and many more things. They are arogant and think they own the world. And I am not jealous of what they have achieved, this car is nothing compared to the lean mean bugatti machine.

  34. Do you even realize how bad the price to horsepower ratio is on that Buggati? It's disgusting. Who the hell would even be dumb enough to buy one for that kind of money?

  35. Flat out saying that you hate Americans and America just shows how low of a person you are. You are scum

  36. the bugatti will last much longer on a day to day basis than the ssc.

  37. It's still not worth $1,000,000. The SSC is a bargain car. It's actually cheap considering what kind of power you get out of it.

  38. O and about what u said about hating Americans-- America is and always will be the superpower of the world and it's people like you who can only put the greatest country in the world down simply because you r jealous. Cars started in America. Leave it to the professionals!

  39. Ha! Ha! Ha! you European low life!

  40. You smug European low-life!

  41. actually, the bugatti is worth 1 million EUROS! NOT DOLLARS! Also, what have you got against europeans? If you learn your history you will find out that the American came from Britain, part of Europe! I don't care if America is the superpower of the world- their sports cars find it hard to turn around corners! Also, the bugatti will get a much bigger crowd than the SSC will ever get.

    Ha ha! You smug American low-life!

  42. Oh, and this is suppose to be about the cars, not argueing with each other about where we come from. For god sake, it is MY opinion! It is just because I like the Bugatti Veyron- not everyone has to like the same thing. I do respect you for liking the SSC- just stop taking the mic out of the bugatti just because you beat its top speed by a few mph

  43. "It’s still not worth $1,000,000. The SSC is a bargain car. It’s actually cheap considering what kind of power you get out of it."

    The bugatti will be a lot more comftorble to sit in. It has had just as much attention to the interior as the exterior.

  44. hey guys!! cmon quit the politics! talk bout cars! this topic wuz supposed to be bout cars so lets just stick to it shall we? cuz it wont help talkin politics in a car forum, or will it? i dont think so...

    by the way, i think the veyron has much more class.. i mean, imagine a veyron parked accross the street, and an ssc parked on the other side, where will you go? personally id go to check the veyron out first cuz the ssc looks more like a modded ferrari then anything else...a'least thats wht i think...its got neat colours and a very surprisingly comfortable interior...

    ofcourse different people have different tastes, so its not a big deal if someone seconds to my opinion...its all cool!

  45. huntin' cars:

    What you said at the beginning is what I said in one of my recent posts.

    Everyone, from now on lets talk about the cars, not the politics, or where you come from

  46. you are the one who started the whole thing about hating Americans you idiot. And yeah, the buggati has more class than the SSC, but these 2 cars were not really built for just interior looks, elegance, etc. These cars were made for speed. Interior and elegance doesn't matter when you build a car that fast. Speed is what matters. O,and i dont have anything against Europeans like u just said. But you said that u hated Americans. So in this case u are the low- life, not me. And good comeback by saying the exact same thing i said!! And i know that i came from Europe originally, but everyone came from one place. We just happened to build a better country when we came overseas. NOW let's talk about cars. By the way, i don't even want to talk about the Buggati or the SSC anymore. It's extremely old news.

  47. There goes J.B. Harrell, who continues to call me a low-life for no particular meaning. Do you even know what it means?

  48. oh well....lets just quit it...no1s a low-life and thats all...whats with the nationalities and lifestyles when all we're here to talk sbout is CARS! just quit it you two! america's good germany's good everythings good now lets talk about cars...

    i wanted to ask u i going to be worth trying to reduce the weight of the new brabus rocket, removing the speed limiter (i read in the autocar mag that it has one), modifying the aerodynamic performance and lowering the car to achieve speeds higher then 411kmph? i think thats how fast the ssc goes...right?

    waiting for an acknowledgement

  49. lol

  50. took you 24 hours to write *LOL*?

  51. no, i only just read it

  52. took you another 11 point something hours to say THAT...

    cmon is your information only limited to the ssc and veyron? dont tell me you havnt heard of the brabus rocket!

    by the way...talking of the veyron, it DOES have a speed limiter. if any of you actually bothered to look into the episode in which the veyron raced against that plain of james's, jeremy actually said it HAS a speed limiter. also, he said it in very simple and very much familiar i dont think anyone looking into that episode on youtube would be having much of a problem understanding that.

    so yes...there you are...and i am waiting for my answer on the brabus rocket thing just a little higher in the post and a little furthur up the forum...

  53. It will have a faster 0-60 if u get rid of the rev-limiter. And yes, it will be faster if u get rid of the speed limiter. and loosing some of the extra weight will be good to. But it won't be worth doing because if u get rid of the rev-limiter and speed limiter then the cars engine will not last nearly as long as if u had the limiters. Thats why stock, factory cars have limiters.

  54. ahhh now i get it, so thats gotta be why race car drivers who're ammeture and like to go round the streets usually end up at the mechanic every week...

    now i have another question, is the sscuatt THE fastest car in the world or are there modification enthusiasts who've got cars that could beat the ssc...i mean, everywhere i read about the veyron and the ssc, theres this little thing, THE WORLDS FASTEST PRODUCTION CARS...or, stuff that relates to the fact that theyre so fast when stock, im hardly sure anyne would modify these things cuz every part plays as an aerodynamic role in it, as fat as i can assume, but if someone modified something else, probably a brabus or some other relatively cheap car, would they be able to run over the ssc? and the bugatti cuz its slower then the ssc...

    p.s., for the first time, im not talking about the looks,

  55. "as fat as i can assume" in my last post wuz supposed to say , "as FAR as i can assume"...sorry about that, i bought a new laptop and im finding it fairly hard to get used to its keyboard...

  56. The SSC isn't the fastest car in the world. It is the fastest PRODUCTION car in the world, meaning that it is the fastest car that u can possibly buy that is produced in larger numbers than for say, concept cars. The SSC is accualy slow compared to old modified american muscle cars such as the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, Dodge Charger, etc. But these old cars that are this fast don't come from the factory as fast as the SSC. But at most American drag races, old American muscle cars are the choice of the professionals. Partly because these cars are able to easily fit Chevy 454's and Chevy 502's and Chevy 572's, etc. The SSC has a Chevrolet 383 6.0 engine and that is very small for a car that fast. The reason why professional American drag racers use Chevy Big Blocks like the 572 is because THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT, meaning the bigger the engine, the bigger potential the engine has for bigger power. It's comon sence really. In the "USHRA", which is were they race monster trucks in America, the trucks typically all have Chevrolet 572 engines because that is the professional's engine of choice siply because they make so much power. In America, the choice of engines used by professional racers of all types (even boat racers) is the Chevrolet engine. This is because Chevrolet engines are notorious for being built very tuff and can withstand extreme amounts of horsepower and torque. The professional's choice is almost ALWAYS the Chevrolet engine in America.

    P.S.- My Chevrolet truck came stock with a Chevy 454 and that engine is of particular interest to proffesional speed inthusiasts. I could sell that engine sooooo easy if i had to. this is because they are very desireable to the professional American racer.

  57. The main thing that you need to understand is that when you are building your own race engine, the bigger the engine block, the bigger the power. (bigger engines have much more potential than smaller engines). And as a matter of fact, the engine that came in my last truck was a Chevrolet 5.7L 350 and the chevy 350 is THE most popular engine in the world. And it too is used very much by professional drag racers.

  58. More chevy 350's have been made than any other engine in the world and they are still being made for newer American cars and trucks. One thing that REALY impresses me is that in the newer heavy duty Chevrolet trucks, chevrolet offers chevy 8.8L 502 V8 engines as a factory stock option which is crazy power for a stock truck.

  59. To sum up your last comment, the SSC is SLOW compared to professionaly built american muscle drag racing cars. It would not be able to compete in a International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) race. And that is the reason why you never really see lamborghini's or ferrari's or bugatti's in American drag races. They would not be able to compete.

  60. although in American drag racing, ferrari's, lambo's, porche's, etc. have been seen at the drag races often with Chevrolet engines instead of the original one's.


    this...according to the uploader on youtube is the fastest street legal car...i mean...just look at it! its got 2200 horsepower, and can do frm rest to 60 miles an hour in just ONE SECOND!! i mean...thats almost 4 times faster then the veyron! completely unbelievable...ff anyone finds a video featuring a car faster then just sooo gna be interested to give it a look...

    nw to J.B. Harrel...

    you did give me a very comprehensive answer to all those completely explains the basically...all the stir the veyron and the scuatt have created is for those who dont give much of a damn to car modifications and buy fast production cars rather then buying a second hand car and modifying it...

    the thing is...why on earth does everyone want a veyron...which is, according to a magazine...1.7 million dollars...more or less or even a scuatt!? the guy featured in the video i sent the link of at the beginning of the post made his car the worlds fastest in an estimate of 100 thousand pounds...thats relativly a bargain id say...specially if its faster then the veyron and the scuatt...

    oh theres another actually kinda new to the modifying i find it rather mindblowing...this one is kind of lame, but its still gonna be worth answering...

    if people add stuff to their engines like crazy and are able to get thousands of horsepower, they must have a routine engine service and stuff too right? i mean, if their engine can go upto crazy speeds and accelarate insanely...the engine must hav some serious repairs whenevr they cruise around at high speeds and race along...wouldnt they?

    and wht kinda airodynamic mods would they have to put on?

  62. Any engine that has that much power needs its full valvetrain replaced very often. In professional drag racing, the cars that have thousands of horsepower get there engines fully rebuilt after almost EVERY run down the track. There is no metal on the face of this earth that can sustain the power that drag cars put out over and over again. So, most of the engines get rebuilt after every run. I say fully rebuilt but that would mean boring the engine and decking the heads, etc. But they dont do all that after every run. But the bottom line is, engines that produce thousands of horsepower do not live long. And it's because of all the stress the engine parts are taking such as the cameshaft, engine berrings, etc.

    If i wanted to, i could put a aftermarket perfomance camshaft in my engine and gain as much horse power as i wanted but i cant afford to keep replacing the stressed parts every week.

    Example: If u have 2 bare, factory 5.7L 350 engines and you put a cameshaft that produces say.... 200 extra horsepower in one of them, the other will obviously not be as powerfull but it will last a whole lot longer than the cam'ed -up one. But there are different kinds of camshafts. For the same engine, you can produce 50 extra horsepower with a new camshaft, or 500 extra horsepower with a different camshaft. But there is a limitation on the power that u can produce because if u are building a small 4 cylender, then u r not going to produce as much as if you r working with a 8 cylender because 8 cylenders have much more engine volume in which to produce more horsepower. It's quite simple to understand acctualy. (The bigger the engine, the more potential horsepower)

    In terms of aerodynamics, generaly the lower to the ground, the better because less air can find its way up under the car which slows it down. But i dont know much or care much about aerodynamics because i have a lifted truck and when u lift a truck and put mud tires on it, there is a lot of resistance which slows the truck down. Also, air hits the bigger, exposed suspension parts a lot more than a normal truck. ( much air gets under the truck and craetes resistance )

  63. lol...trucks look damn cool wen theyre high and can go seriously offroad...i dont get to see it here much, but whenever theres an event, its a complete hit! love it, better then speed to me...thanx alot fr ur help dude...

    btw, i wuz thinkin of buyin a dodge charger sxt sooner or later, is it worth it? is it any good?

  64. oh and uhh...where the heck is bugatti lover? lol..he seems to have fled away right after the nationality thing wuz over... :D :D

  65. Dont worry about him he's an a**hole. But ya, your welcome. The dodge charger SRT-8 is the best one. It has i think a 6.0L V8 and they are fast. Its definitely a good car to buy. Annother car that is similar to it is the Chrysler 300C. It is made buy the same company and looks about the same but it is more "elegant" and luxurious. U might be able to get the 300C with the 6.0L but im not shure. If i were u, i would wait for the Dodge challenger to come out and get that because it is much more sporty. And Hennessey has already made custom sport packages for it too make it VERY fast. Hennessey is an aftermarket company that deals with a lot of the Dodge cars like the dodge viper. they sell engines, twin turbo kiits, etc., etc., etc. Search on google for the hennessey website and take a look at it. As a matter of fact, i think that company might make upgrade kits for the dodge charger. take a look at it

  66. But in 2009, Chevrolet is coming out with a car that is going to compete with the charger. The camaro. look at that

  67. I am back, my internet was not working

  68. i don't think this car will be bitten by any athrought car

  69. lol, okay wcb bugatti lover, and thnx alot fr ur comments, once more, J B Harrell...

    i LOVE the 300c, but somehow, its kind of more costly then the charger, and its not very popular here...

    i mean sure the looks are just ASTOUNDING, but the thing is, i cant modify it all that much. I dont want to waste money on engine mods cuz theres no1 daring enough out here to go above 250kmph, so thatl be a lame idea. talking about body kits, its so low in the first place, so adding custom bumpers wont look so

    the dodge, however, has mods...cuz its relativly high, and its much more simple when adding 20" or larger alloys to it, adding a chrome or matt honeycomb grill up front, covering the crosshair, and adding a spoiler, custom vinyls, bumpers and stuff will make it luk superb, in my how it works here, people dont go too fast. if they do, they stay in thur houses for months, afraid the police myt be up here...wussies...

    wht kinda mods do you people like? on any random car that is...

  70. Usually, Americans are all about the fastests 0-60. So it is EXTREMELY common to see cars and trucks that are very fast and want to race you. But looks play almost just as an important roll in American cars as speed. In a lot of casses, you will see really old cars or even old, lowered trucks that look like they just came from the junkyard all beat up, but the thing that is important is what's under the hood. And the people who have cars like these usualy spend their time spending most of their money on engines and performance mods more than the appearance of the car. But it is all about location. Like, at the beach, you will see many insanely tall, loud, and fast trucks more than any other place because some of the beaches where i live, you can drive on and the bigger the tires and the bigger the power, the better you r going to get through the sand. And theses big-rigs on the beaches usually get tips for pulling out smaller trucks or SUV's if they get stuck in the sand. I drive my lifted truck on the beach and it is one, if not the most fun thing that i like to do. Beacuse people just stare as i drive down the beach in amazement. And people in the little jeeps and family cars will actually film u driving down the beach as they go down the beach.

  71. Everyone Likes Bugatti!

  72. But I sorda like the SSC Ultimate Aero's style better!!!

  73. The truth is that GM has the BEST (particularly the Pontiac division.) cylinder head design (you know, the thing that's responsible for engine efficiency/horse power.), unfortunately the U.S. government put heavy laws on all American car builders as to the performance American cars will have to be allowed on roads (for safety reasons.), this is why the world isn't seeing fast PRODUCTION American cars. Fortunately, the American car companies know that the people want fast cars so the American car companies now manipulate many after market car parts companies so that people (all over the world.) can build fast American cars. Now addressing the issue of suspension.... yeah, American after market products are better than Europes.

  74. One more thing, the SSC Ultimate Aero.....It's a Stroker motor with twin turbos...BFD!.....Want to impress me?.......Then come come back with a supercharged 572!!!!!!!!!! :)

  75. jb harrell is a complete dick

  76. Who cares about this f# yankee crap. Honestly, we don´t need too much to see the evidences.
    Just compare the two pictures of the cars, its just so damn explicit the Veyron has tons of quality above this. Off course, you may find the ultimate aero tt the most beautifull... if you have cataracts!! The design of the ultimatte qualifies for a 1990´s car, it seems like a copy of the Diablo..
    I wouldn´t buy a single american car, you have proven over all this years you suck at car engineering. For instance, I remember when they compared the famous Viper to other supercars at that time like the Ferrari F40, and it was so ridiculously below all them. I would really love to see a full serious complete test on this car (handling, brakes,transmission,confort,reliabiliy..) to compare it with Veyron. I would come here and laugh in your silly faces.
    Honestly dudes, who cares about some mph at top speed, the Veyron is WAAAAY better, PERIOD

  77. Oh and I forgot to comment this:


    "We just happened to build a better country when we came overseas"

    Yeah dude, you´ve build it!! You came into the wildness, snipped the itiot peacefful indians with your powerfull guns and eeehaa screams, and build that lovely place who controls the resorces of 3rd world countries keeping them poor just to drive your 45 L SUVS, buy a new TV each week and pollute everyones mother earth year after year.
    Oh and I forgot the classy elegance of being the richer country .. People dying because they can´t afford to pay a health ensurance while other take a bath on diamonds, a tremendous ignorance and lack of culture producing each day a new Paris Hilton, and that silly habit thinking you are the planet´s Hero´s and Policemans Owners of the Very Truth.


  78. The Veyron, in my opinion, is still the fastest, most beautiful luxurious car on the plant. Actually, I think I just stated a fact. The FASTEST and the MOST LUXURIOUS. What other car can use that in the same sentence. I would rather drive around a Veyron with all the comforts and still 'get down' if I have to then to drive around a SSC Ultimate Aero TT with nothing anyday. And, by the way, J.B. Harrell, I live in the U.S. and I think that the U.S. sucks. We DO NOT have the greatest country. It is people like you and "old-ass war vets" that think that. Our politicians have messed up our country far beyond recoginition, and there is really, no saving it. We are not free. Look at what our government does everyday. The U.S is a bunch of bull. Anyway, Good try, SSC Ultimate Aero TT, but the Veyron still makes you look ridicilously herrible! Contact me @ or, if you would like to discuss more!

  79. same with britain, our politicians have screwed everything up.

  80. "And, by the way, J.B. Harrell, I live in the U.S. and I think that the U.S. sucks. We DO NOT have the greatest country. It is people like you and "old-ass war vets" that think that. Our politicians have messed up our country far beyond recoginition, and there is really, no saving it. We are not free. Look at what our government does everyday. The U.S is a bunch of bull. Anyway, Good try, SSC Ultimate Aero TT, but the Veyron still makes you look ridicilously herrible! Contact me @ or, if you would like to discuss more!"

    Wow man, if you think that the us sucks then you need to leave the country!! Quick!

  81. I read the whole page of comments and J.B. Harrell makes the most sense about the engines and the cars. He knows a lot about them, as do i. Mostly everyone else seems to be very uneducated about cars in general. IF U DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CARS, DO NOT POST TO CAR FORUMS!!!!!

  82. O and David, America is the superpower you idiot.

  83. i thought i came here to read about cars

  84. This is great who needs to wacth telly and anyway if you think about it when are you ever going to be able to get to the top speed anyway it jusat so impossible but what you shoulkd do if buy the much ,ore comftorble db9 and by the way is alot cheaper thna both of them.


    1. GTR 9.4
    2. Bugatti Veyron 16.4
    3. Ariel Atom
    4. Ferrari Enzo
    5. McLaren F1 LM
    6. Porshe Carrera GT
    7. Pagani Zonda
    8. Caterham CSR260
    9. Porsche 911 Turbo
    10. Lamborghini Gallardo

    powered by: gunabitez

  86. Well is about time!!!
    But i think to say u got a ssc is better than to say veyron. Veyron is more of knowing u can go fast but the car is to valuable. The ssc is for drivers that want to act a fool in high more fun and faster plus is more tuday super car style. The veyron is cool but they over did it. Thats my opinion

  87. No one has mentioned the fact that The SSC Aero also has a governor on it. According to research done in NASA wind tunnels, the car is aerodynamically stable to over 270. Not only that, figure that the SSC has a twin turbo push rod V8. The Veyron has several turbos and a W16 which obviously weighs much more. Which is also an engineering marvel. Ok I'm getting off on a tangent.

    These are totally different cars. Each accomplishes much. It just depends on your likes. I didn't like the way the Veyron looked in print. But then I saw one the other day pass in front of me when I was leaving a gas station and it was, "Beautiful". What a car.

    I do however love the SSC Aero. I love the fact that the worlds fastest production car has a push rod V8 in it. It has Like 1200 HP. WOW>

    The ssc Aero no doubt will out perform the Veyron in almost every area on a track, except in the comfort factor. Its much lighter, has better aerodynamics, almost 200 more horses, and it also has a governor limiting it, which if changed will do over 270mph.

    Last but not least. Neither one of these cars can travel for more than like 10 min at top speed without melting tires(oops no more supercar), or running out of gas. Both amazing cars though.

  88. This is a kick ass car.

  89. Still luv my vyron tho

  90. yeah ssc

  91. well if the vyron ids faster than y did us amaricans made a car fastter than the 16.4 vyron with a a v8 387.2 and un like the vyron the ssc can hug corners because win u reach top speed it is only 4 in of the ground. its Weight is 2,750 lbs so the vyron still will be sloer than the ssc

  92. @J.B. Harrell
    Umm next time you statr spouting off get a few facts straight. Cars DID NOT start in America but in Germany with the Benz 1hp back in 1886, America introduced mass production on a line with the Model T.

  93. The man asks what the fastest production car in the world gets for MPGs. Excuses, excuses. This is what's wrong with the world today. No one is man enough to say, yep, you win, your car is better, faster, and American...!

  94. totally agree with DAVIS. nobody is a man anymore. i always find that when people dont understand the facts or just choose to not believe them, they always argue other things like looks. i want you all to scroll to the top of this page (i'll wait). now read the title. (Sound it out) it should sound like "SSC Ultimate Aero TT breaks top speed world record". hmmm...that certainly didnt sound like "veyron has better interior" or "it looks like a diablo". the only thing that this article said was that it beat the veyron.
    scc facts (aka:not to be disputed): no traction control, rear wheel drive, 0-62 2.6sec, 1/4mi 9.9sec
    this car is also lighter, faster. also if you had enough money to buy either one of these cars in the first place, who cares about mpg or reliability. you could buy another one tomorrow. if you buy a car like this then you were looking for bragging rights. only difference is that the scc drive can say he's faster stock.
    lastly, look on youtube for a video where this guy from scc went promoting their car overseas. the prince of some arab country (who owned a veyron) closed down the main highway at rushhour to race them side by side. the veyron had the scc for the first 100 ft then the scc pulled away at a rate of 1 car a second. look it up.

  95. 1. The United Arrow #1 Super Car hits Record Speed: 287 M.P.H. & 412 Kts too! Speed record Still Stands today: 06/21/2010 A.D. Too!!

  96. for american cars cant turn.nascar what is it? straight turn straight turn.lets not bring up the ford gt40 beating ferrari in Le Mans.if awd handles better than why are f1 cars rwd? why are top fuel drag cars rwd.because rwd is simply could basically hvae 2 ssc's or 1 veyron.the veyron is a car for people with to much money that want a fast car they can handle.ssc,saleen s7,laren f1..all mans cars.

  97. 1. The Bugitti Vernon Supercar Has a Top Record Speed of 350 Miles Per Hour too! or 0.46 Mack. Or 556 Kl/ln too! The Top Record Top Fastest Speed too!

  98. 1. The Speed Record by the Bugitti Vernon Supercar #3 Drove in Salt Flats Record Speed of (315 Miles Per Hour too! It was Facts on the internet News too! true!!! I"m Witness to the News Article a monthn ago too!True!

  99. david p.curcione are you high? it can do 350mph? 315mph? which one ? it was only doing 260 odd mph a few months ago on topgear,im pretty sure the germans would not be testing it on u.s soil when they have access to that huge ass tarmac road in there back yard, if its so true!!!!! like you wrote why not post a link because the only thing that does 0.46mack is your fat lying ass when you see a burger van ! (kinda off topic, you americans copied our full language and writing so why dont you do dd/mm/yy when your writing the date you guys do months days years ?? im glad u copied by the way! coz wud be hard to read your books if your letters were drawings of trees an houses an stick men like the the fare east! i said off topic!)

  100. just saying! the Aero is sexy, Bugatti aint. it looks like something from a cartoon but nobody should argue about 3.11 mph!!!! just get a 68' camaro (sexiest car ever made)

  101. 1200 HP...???? Are you kidding me... haha I want one that'd be crazy to haul ass in that

  102. 1. The Shelby Spercars hit speed record :the Record of 275 Miles Per Hour too!

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