Preview: 2012 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

mercedes s 02

mercedes s 02

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When Mercedes rolled out the odd-looking F700 concept at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show many speculated that it was destined to become just another pointless exercise in automotive styling. Not so according to people close to the project. Latest reports claim both the technology and design of the car will eventually make its way onto the next-generation S-Class due in 2012.

As these renderings suggest, the next S-Class will be heavily influenced by the F700 design study. Mercedes described the F700 as a "futuristic interpretation of the classic sedan," which you’d be safe to interpret as being the inspiration for the next iteration of the carmaker’s longest running sedan model.

Like the current model, the new car will come in both short and long wheelbase versions and will be powered by a range of V6, V8 and V12 powerplants – both naturally aspirated and turbocharged. However, new to the lineup will be the introduction of a highly tuned four-cylinder model. Mercedes in fact used the F700 to preview the new powertrain, dubbed DiesOtto, again giving clues as to what to expect in the next S-Class.

mercedes s 01

mercedes s 01

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Mercedes also used the F700 to preview its new active PRE-SCAN suspension, a system that scours the road ahead using two lasers and automatically adjusts the suspension to suit. Another feature is the new SERVO-HMI (Human Machine Interface), which features a virtual operating assistant that the driver can converse with. Expect to see similar systems in the new S-Class and toned down versions in other future models.

Also joining the lineup will be a new range of hybrid-electric diesel models powered lithium-ion batteries. Two concept versions of the current S-Class with the new hybrid powertrains were also on display at the Frankfurt Show. The most fuel efficient version, the S300 Bluetec Hybrid, was powered by a four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain producing 224hp with a maximum torque 560Nm and managed a 44mpg fuel economy rating.2012 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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Comments (27)
  1. You can't call it boring.
    The future is here!

    The front I could get used to, but the back end, again, is not so good. Just an opinion.

  2. THe current S-Class was released in 2005... and we're already getting next-gen renders?

  3. I agree with Gus.

  4. agreed. the back end is something else. its classic though. I like this car. just yesterday i was complaining that the E class looked boring and like a hodge podge of design. This, is nice. The styling isnt for me, but i can see people going wild for this thing.

    Nab; you think merc should run the same generation of a car for longer than 7 years? The focus went 7 years in north america without a major redesign and people were joking about THAT being a long time.

  5. It is just the other way around for me. I'm loving the back but can't pass the front end..

  6. ZOMFG! It's not a woman, it's a robot!

    I don't think I like where Mercedes design is going...

  7. If thats the new direction then kudos to MB, it has that classic feel of W114/115 ( that actually Cadillac recaptured in its recent designs, especially upfront), and yet its decidedly modern in its approach. They still have to work on certain proportions though.

  8. I like it the the front is Mercedes (future) and the back reminds me of the Bentley Flying Spur. As odd as it's design my seem now in 4 years it will be right on time!

  9. Ok first time post...
    This is what the maybach should have been to make it more interesting. To be perfectly honest though the fact that it looks like the CLS replacement rather than the S class replacement could be a sticking point, considering that the CLS although a great design and completely different to anything on the market was absolutely aweful for rear head room. This is a problem only for those that get driven around, but if you could afford a driver you would have bought the S class. I just dont like the back at all....too hatchbacky, and not enough saloon. the front im liking alot though...

  10. I just bought the PRESENT S-class... please allow me at least a FEW year to consider my car as "new"... Unavoidably Mercedes will give the actual owners the nice "present" next year of a superfluous facelift, rendering at once the existing cars "old" and the "new" ones not newer at all... well....

  11. i would put 26s on this and be a baller

  12. poor maybach, people will love new s klasse b coz cheaper & awsome design

  13. All good comments.

    I think it is a great looking car. Does anyone know if the car will be available in a 2-door?

  14. Love the new design, I only hope you will take the shifter off the steering column and place on the console where it should be. I noticed the new 2010 7 series has returned the shifter to console it's sportier that way

  15. The designing is mind blowing except for the back. The back looks like a poorly designed boat.

  16. As a current S-Class owner, I pray to God that this is not the 2012 S-Class .. This has got to be the ugliest S renderinng I've seen. I don't see how any of it could grow on anybody. In fact, if this is really the new S-Class then I'm buying a Rolls Royce Ghost.

  17. If you people honestly think this is a good looking car, especially the front...
    Old S-class, A8 or F01 7 series please.

  18. I like the front. Excellent job. But the back is ridiculously stupid for an S Class. Remember its a car for the executive, not pimps.

  19. WoW I have a S class 2001 and was thinking of buying a S class 2010, maybe I should wait 2 more years

  20. I just came back from Mercedes Benz Manhattan for my S550's oil change. The S550 is a fantastic car and a hell of alot better than the S500. i think the trade up from a 550 to this concept is going to be such a big deal, Benz is going to have to go radical with the design just to ensure they have the right level of psychological obselescence so people like me don't feel we can get by with our 2007 - 2011 S classes.
    Frankly, the S550 should be all you need.

  21. I like the back end but I don't like the tail lights. I think Benz will try to make them dramatic with bright LED lamps to make them look like a red halo, but I perfer the current S-class tailights.
    The laser scanning system sounds cool, but what they really need to do is focus on simplifying COMAND and integrating a touch screen. I really hope they don't screw up and diminish the comand knob like stupid BMW did.


  23. The front end is nice but the picture looks a little made up. The side view mirrors are definately from the new c class and the grill looks like a digitally stretched out e class grill. As far as the back goes it looks like hyundai and bentley had a baby. Anyways, those rims are from the c class luxury packing current model so something is a little wrong here, guess we will have to wait and see what happens next

  24. I think the car's design is great and competes directly with the Bentley Flying spur. The Mercedes S class already has the Bentley FS severely beat in the areas of technology, variety of engines, many say smoother ride, and lower price! Bentley FS only uses a V12. Some say the FS may have a slight edge in interior design compared with the S class "standard interior". But designo has so many options for the S class, bentley can't even brag there either. NOW for 2012, Mercedes is stomping them with a similiar but more classic rear end and the front looks great too. Look out Bentley!!!

  25. It looks like a Bentley. It looks too affected. Thumbs down.

  26. this car car is awesome! I think MBenz did a outstanding job engineering this automobile. i was seriously thinking about getting a lexus but the design of the new S-class benzes have overflowed my decision. GREAT JOB MERCEDES!!!!!!

  27. Please tell me when
    I need this car very much
    I have the w221 , but this is new and I believe if you say the new one is ugly , well you re just gelous that you can't afford one.
    Remember it was just the same when the w221 came out, all the people said that the 220 was much better design . Now look at 220.
    The future is soon. I really hope.

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