Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner updated for 2009

Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner updated for 2009

Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner updated for 2009

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The new model launches at the Detroit Auto Show may be over but that hasn’t stopped America’s carmakers from dishing out even more new models and updates. Ford, for example, chose to use this week’s Washington Auto Show and the coinciding Automotive News World Congress to announce updates to its Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner compact SUVs for the 2009 model year. The Blue Oval also announced plans to expand its commitment to biofuels by adding three additional vehicles to its E85-capable flexible fuel lineup – the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and Ford E-Series Econoline van.

For the 2009 model year, the Escape and Mariner will be available with a new 2.5L engine and six-speed automatic. Not only is the new engine expected to improve fuel economy by about 1mpg, it will also give the customer an 11% increase in horsepower to 170hp. The extra oomph is thanks to a new intake variable cam timing system and a slight bump in displacement over the outgoing 2.3L unit.

Both the hybrid versions of the two new models will also get the updated engine and the range topping 3.0L V6 engine also gets a 30hp increase over last year.

Also on hand at the show was Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who reaffirmed the carmaker’s plans to have more than 70% of its lineup updated by the end of the year and the full 100% by the end of the decade. "This year, we make good on our commitment to freshen our showrooms," Mulally said. "We just introduced the new 2009 Ford F-150 last week, and it was a hit. We also have Lincoln MKS and Ford Flex coming, as well as a new Mustang early next year."
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  1. OMFG. so... everyone knows what that means right? the rumours about the mazda 3 are right. the next gen mazda 3 will have the same 2.3L engine that has now been bored out to 2.5L HMFS!!! can you say 300 hp mazdaspeed3? holy crap. I love it. one would only hope the next focus (slated to be on the next mazda3 platform) gets the same engine too. omfg im going to go running out of my office, screaming profanity down the hall now... TTYLOMG.

  2. The first sentence of your article is wrong - the Detroit Auto Show is NOT over. It just started, and has another full week to go!!! You've been inhaling too many fumes...

  3. The Detroit Show may still be running, but it's over as far as the press is concerned. Anyway, fixed :)

  4. yep, right on both accounts. as far as press is concerned, the auto show is over. you shouldnt be hearing about new cars coming out during the public show. this is odd. but as you can see from my excitement above.,.. very welcomed news. Was just in another forum where they were harping about how honda gets 240 hp from 2L so ford getting 170 from a 2.5L is pathetic... then some one said "yeah but its a mazda engine and will be in the 3 and 6".... "oh really? this is a pretty good engine!!!"

    .....this is just about the most balanced forum on the net as far as the intellect level. we've all got our own opinions here and some times things get a little heated but at least none of us are THAT stupid.

  5. 2009 models shouldn't be announced in January 2008.
    Enjoy the present, don't worry about the future.

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