Update: High-Res VW Scirocco Images Leak

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The embargo on the photos of the new VW Scirocco hatch due for Geneva has broken, and images of the car have quickly found their way onto internet forums. Although it's not quite the compact blend of sexy and sleek the previous Iroc concept promised, it does represent a new direction in VW design.

Notable differences from the concept include the lack of the metal grille surround, which gave the original such great visual impact. Also different is most of the rest of the front fascia, with different air intakes, an altered hood line and different, though similar, headlights.

The thicker A-pillar and chunky hood-door transition area break up the flow found on the concept, and whereas the sculpted hips and rear canopy of the Iroc concept gave the hatch a muscular stance, the squared belt line and blocky C-pillar area give the production car a low, somewhat cramped look. From behind, the Scirocco looks a bit more attractive, and fairly closely matches the concept's lines, but the trapezoidal, dual exhaust outlets on either side of the rear underbody have been traded for twin round pipes at the left corner - decidedly less attractive, though probably a good deal cheaper to manufacturer and route.

As for the car’s powertrain lineup, the only official information is that there will be a four-cylinder model powered by a 2.0L TSI engine but expect to see more powerful models including a possible V6 flagship. Both FWD and AWD models will be on offer, including a new GTI version with VW’s latest 2.0L turbo engine and FSI technology.
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Comments (17)
  1. That car is f'ng amazing looking. Check the VW on the hood.

  2. da decklid on the production model is f'd up
    shoulda kept the concept line, otherwise cant really complain, i'd buy one

  3. The concept looks better

  4. What a shame they didn't go with those uber-cool exhausts!

  5. This car doesn't have half the character of the original one. I wouldn't buy one.

  6. I wish they kept the lines the same as the concept. - I suppose someone didn't want to push the envelope not realizing thats what VW fans like to do. Its also a shame this car may not see the light of day here in the states. If their smart they'll rethink sending large sedans here and bring us aggressively styled vehicles like the concept above for starters. Bring us an updated Karman Ghia like the roadster that was leaked as a concept few years ago. As for the production version - I would buy it because it would be the sportiest thing in their stable and gas is may be approaching $4 per gallon. VW, that alone is your reason to shine - fast, fun and cheap - Porsche, wake up the sleeping giant.

  7. I hope this are the last and real Scirocco 3 pictures. I have seen many many computer paintings and meanings!!! Question: How does he look like inside?

    After 13 years I say: Welcome Scirocco 3 and thank you VW for this big step!

  8. Hey look it's a 94 honda civic hatch... love it. either way it's about time, too bad it won't see US pavement.

  9. I will Never buy a VW ever again!

  10. This looks just like a bloody golf in a body kit, they needed to bring out a coupe based on the Eos chassis or something not ANOTHER hatchback, they already have 3 (although not as bad as Seat who have about 5).

    Having said that it is good looking, any news on pricing yet?

  11. Also they don't have a clue, they say the only confirmed engine is a 4 cylinder 2.0tsi but then say the gti will be a 2.0tfsi...surely the base will be a 2.0 and then a gti 2.0t and an R36 version would be good

  12. WTF?
    I mean seriously, WTF?
    Did the designers of this car get together with the designers of the new Jaguar sedan and say "we have a gorgeous concept car that everyone is raving about, so now let's totally dumb it down and make it look like EVERY SINGLE OTHER BORING ROUNDED OFF HOT HATCH IN EUROPE!"?

  13. I think you'd have to be STARK FRIGGEN RAVING MAD to get this over the volvo c30. c30 looks better, albeit not quite as aggressive... but at least the Volvo has 220 hp from a turbo 5 cyl and AWD.


  14. ...oh and the c30 ISS available in the USA....

    ..........and it wont fall apart like every other VW

  15. That "Thing" is UGLY!!! The front looks a little like the Volvo C30 and the back looks like a wagon or small SUV. My MKV R32 is much better looking!!

  16. I say VW should discontinue the R32 in the U.S. and import the Scirocco with the only engine available being the VR6 (thus replacing the R32 as top dog in the VW line). It would bring exclusivity to the Scirocco and make even seeing one a rarity. The design is okay and will probably become more acceptable once enthusiasts get used to VWs interpretation of what a 21st century Scirocco is as opposed to what a 20th century Scirocco was (in the 1970s). I know. I owned a '78 special edition Scirocco - which I loved - and no, this new car is not the same animal. But it's what will work in today's market on a global scale.

  17. need a coupe!

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