Artega GT now on sale

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Artega GT now on sale

Artega GT now on sale

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There’s been a definite resurgence in small and lightweight roadsters. Tiny road-going racers with punchy engines and the kind of handling owners of bigger and heavier sports cars can only dream of. Some of the cars that spring to mind include the KTM X-bow, MMI Avocet, and pretty much anything with a Lotus badge attached, but there’s one car that has all others licked when it comes to the style department and that’s the Fisker designed Artega GT.

The svelte coupe has now officially gone on sale, debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this week, and to mark the occasion Artega has launched a new special edition model limited to just 99 units. Dubbed the ‘Intro 2008’ models, the special edition cars receive a number of unique trim and interior options only available on this model. Some of the features include unique paintwork, diamond-turned Artega forged alloy wheels, individually numbered plaques on the side panels and gearshift console, as well as custom velour and leather trim. Pricing for the special edition models will start at €79,790. The standard model will set you back about €75,000 and roughly 500 cars will be built per year.

The car’s powertrain remains unchanged, which means you still get a direct-injection 300hp V6 displacing 3.6L and mated to a six-speed DSG transmission. Expect to see a 0-100km/h time of less than five seconds and a top speed of 270km/h.
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  1. I don't know who this Artega is but I wish he'd stopped taking design clues from Ferrari, Porsche and Alfa Romeo for his car. The Koenigsegghrgprtx is not a beautiful car but at least it's original.

  2. hector, i can honestly say that ferrari or porsche hasnt made a car that looks appealing to me (for the price tag they ask for) since the 60's. alfas have great interior, but i cant stand their design theme. that front end looks hideous.

    i can honestly say this car has a little bit of everything without being so friggen rediculous in design to appease the people who say "at least they didnt copy ________". there have been cars for the last 100 years. if you want original u have to go to china where they're just seeing cars for the first time. and those cars are ugly. thats why they only bother making cars that are straight copies of everyone else's cars.

    i think any car make, established or not, would have a hard time making a car that didnt share some sort of design element of something that had been made some where at some time.

    personally, i like the relatively mellow look of the car. it has all the super car elements (front leaning green house, brake vents, sexy lines, and huge intake vents) but at the same time it isnt vulgar. if i had 80,000 euros to blow, I wouldnt get an R8, i wouldnt get a porsche, and i wouldnt even get an aston. i would get this. cause THIS would turn heads and lay rubber.

    although i must admit, you'd feel guilty wearing any sort of clothing what so ever in an interior like that. god [bleep].

  3. Its beautifull. H.Fisker who designed the BMW Z8 and various new Aston Martin models was tasked with designing the Artega GT. He's since started his own Fisker car company and sells enhanced vehicles based upon the Mercedes SL & BMW 6. His latest all new electric hybrid sedan also has a very sporty & vibrant design.

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